SRBPolaris Bios Editor,free Download for AMD Videocards

October 14, 2022
Version V 3.5
Size 1 Mb
Architecture 64-bit

What is SRBPolaris Bios Editor for?

In order to lower the voltage of your graphics card or adjust advanced vdroop settings, you need to take one more step, you need to change the offset. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use the SRBPolaris, load the firmware image into it, and go to the Voltages tab.

srbpolaris frequencies

How to download SRBPolaris and use

There is a drop-down list in the lower left corner, in this list you can select an offset. After choosing an offset, save an image of your bios. Be aware that SRB Polaris software tends to automatically tamper with graphics card speed and voltage, in particular with modified firmware images, in which case keep a copy of your firmware and compare them to PBE to “edit” anything SRB Polaris messed up .

srbpolaris fan

SRBPolaris is a program designed to edit the BIOS of AMD video cards. The most popular models of supported video cards: RX460, RX470, RX480, RX560, RX570, RX580..

Very important

You must understand that SRBPolaris BIOS Editor is not responsible for any damage caused to your computer due to a usage error, malfunction or error in the editor. If you do not know or do not understand what you are doing, it is highly recommended not to work with the program.

Bug fixes:


  • Removed donation
  • Added support for more maps
  • This is the latest version, good use


  • Added power control limit
  • Added fan mode selection
  • Med-High temp and PWM are now editable
  • Added fan sensitivity and max limit
  • Bug fix


  • Added support for RX550 cards.
  • Elimination of small bugs


  • Added bios support with 3 memory types
  • Added more options to the VDDCI dropdown.


  • Added the ability to set the “Vddc status flag” (status indicator), in some cases changing this value can help you change the voltage.
  • Added support for more maps


  • Unlock additional RX460 shaders
  • Added support for Sapphire RX460 2G and 4G cards.
  • Added support for Sapphire RX560 2G and 4G cards.


  • Added support for PowerColor RX460 2G.
  • Fixed bug with changing VDDC pointer


  • Added support for PowerColor RX560 4G.
  • Added support for Xfx RX560 4G.
  • Added support for Msi RX560 4G.


  • Added support for more maps
  • Added some voltage management tips


  • A more efficient way to find the vddc pointer
  • Fixed bug when editing vddc


  • Added support for NCP81022 VRM.
  • Added support for multiple 4XX/5XX cards.


  • Added “Low Power Consumption” option for Powertune.
  • Added “Number of hourly stretches” option for Powertune.


  • Added support for ASUS Expedition RX570.
  • Added support for XFX RX580 GTR.
  • Added more options to the VDDC dropdown menu.


  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added more VDDCI voltages to voltage modification type.


  • Added support for ASUS RX470 8G.
  • Added support for XFX RX580 8G.
  • Also added support for SAPPHIRE PULSE RX580 4G.


  • Added support for MSI RX570 ARMOR 4G OC.
  • Added support for HIS RX570 4G.
  • Changed manufacturer identification code


  • Added support for Sapphire RX570 4G Pulse.
  • Added support for MSI RX570 ARMOR 4G OC.
  • And also added the length (in bits) displayed next to each field in the feed editor.


  • Added memory sync editor (BETA)
  • Added support for Asus RX570 4GB cards.


  • Added two types of modification to change the voltage

Added experimental support for RX5XX cards.

  • Added ability to set target temperature


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