Red BIOS Editor RBE 1.0.8: Download, Tutorial, Settings

September 5, 2021
Version VBeta 1.0.8
Size 5 Mb
Architecture 64-bit

Red Bios Editor: basic operating principles

Video card parameters play a considerable role for every miner. The more efficient your device is, the more you can earn. To help miners, experts are developing new and new programs that help improve the initial performance of devices. If we are talking about a video card, you should try Red Bios Editor. It is a popular utility that can improve the performance of a video card without harm to the device by reducing the timing.


Since AMD has significantly limited the use of SoftPowerPlayTables, it became necessary to find a new useful tool. This app is suitable for Windows and Linux-based devices. This is suitable for almost all versions of this software.

A utility allows users to write MorePowerTool modifications directly to the BIOS for various video cards of the Radeon family, for example:

  • RX 5700, 5700 XT;
  • RX 5600XT;
  • 6700/6800 XT and others.

It is also suitable for video cards of the Polaris family. It has a really big scope. AMD has not yet taken action with respect to this software.

Main features of the program

It is a popular application that helps some users control timings, power savings, and core overclocking settings. These indicators allow you to maximize the efficiency of video cards, which means that it will enable miners to receive additional income.

The critical point is that it does not just aim to make your device work harder but also ensures that it doesn’t overheat and performs within its capabilities.

How to use the Red Bios Editor?

This software is easy enough to use for experienced users. You must follow a few simple steps for everyday work with the program. All of them are quite simple, but the result will be impressive.

1. Download

First, users need to download the program from the Internet. You need to use only a reliable source you trust to do this.

A good solution would be to create a separate folder in advance.

2. Preparation

Before you get started, you need to save the original BIOS state. For this, it is best to use TechPowerUp GPU-Z or ATIFlash.

3. Working with the program

You have to open the BIOS you saved in the previous step. Next, users need to click on the “Load”.

Next, select the previously saved BIOS version in the selection window.

You should go to the “VRAM Timings” tab. In the Memory Type field, select the type of your graphics card. Next, depending on your needs, you can choose the appropriate memory indicators. All you have to do is save the changes.

If users don’t know the optimal timing for their device, they may use various additional programs, for example, the Polaris Bios Editor. It can automatically calculate the most optimal performance, depending on the characteristics of your device. This program is affordable and fairly easy to use.

During the calculations, it is necessary to take into account the voltage.

As you can see, RBE is as simple and convenient as possible if you know your video card’s actual performance.

Why can a video card be overclocked?

When circus performers show tricks in the arena, they show only a third of their capabilities to eliminate the possibility of failure in front of the audience. The same is true for various computer components. So, manufacturers are afraid that the device may fail due to a small marriage, so they put in the settings work only for a small part of the power.

However, you can change the basic settings, and your device will work more efficiently. Modern programs can calculate the actual performance of your video card and tell you how to change the timing settings so that it works as well as possible.


Everyone involved in mining wants to get the most out of their device. RBE is a valuable tool to make this as easy and fast as possible. An experienced computer user will be able to deal with all the settings. Overall, it’s safe to say that this will be of great benefit to many miners from around the world if they can apply it correctly.


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