Download PowerStrip program for optimize display settings

March 17, 2023
Version V 1.0
Size 1.3 Mb
Architecture 64-bit

PowerStrip is a program used to customize and optimize display settings on a computer. It allows users to adjust the refresh rate, resolution, color depth, and other display settings to improve performance and enhance the visual experience.

The program can be used to overclock the graphics card, which can increase performance in graphics-intensive applications such as games and video editing software. It also has features to adjust gamma and brightness levels, and supports multiple displays.

PowerStrip is commonly used by gamers, graphic designers, and other professionals who require precise control over their display settings. It can be particularly useful for users with older monitors or graphics cards, who may need to adjust settings to improve performance or compatibility.

Overall, PowerStrip is a powerful tool for optimizing display settings and maximizing the performance of a computer’s graphics card.

How to use PowerStrip

  • Download and install PowerStrip from the trust website.
  • Launch PowerStrip and click on the “Display Profiles” tab.
  • Click on “New” to create a new display profile.
  • Set the desired screen resolution, refresh rate, and color depth in the “Timing” tab.
  • Use the “Color” tab to adjust the gamma, brightness, contrast, and color temperature settings of your monitor.
  • Use the “Image” tab to adjust the horizontal and vertical size, position, and alignment of your screen.
  • Use the “Optimization” tab to fine-tune the display settings and improve the overall performance of your graphics card.
  • Once you have made all the necessary adjustments, click on “Apply” to save the changes and activate the new display profile.

Note: PowerStrip is a powerful utility that allows you to overclock your graphics card, modify advanced settings, and create custom display profiles. However, improper use of this tool can lead to system instability, data loss, and hardware damage. Always read the documentation and use caution when making changes to your system configuration.


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