Download Polaris BIOS Editor 1.7.5 (PBE) – last version

September 5, 2021
Version V1.7.5.0
Size 1 Mb
Architecture 64-bit

Polaris Bios Editor: why is it needed and what main advantages

Mining is a reasonably complex process requiring a relatively large knowledge stock. In addition to choosing suitable computers, you must ensure they perform as efficiently as possible. To do this, crypto enthusiasts can use various software, such as Polaris Bios Editor version 1.7.5. It is excellent for a video card with Polaris architecture.

What operating systems is it suitable for?

This program is suitable for Windows and Linus. People can download this on their computers for any type of software.



This program is available in two versions: 

  • PolarisBiosEditor
  • PolarisBiosEditor Pro.

In the first case, this is a more straightforward program that performs simpler functions and is not compatible with all types of video cards.

In the second case, we see a paid program with a good interface comparable to all video cards with the described architecture. It gives more opportunities, so professional miners use it for video card to improve memory parameters more often.

In general, PBE is a good tool for anyone who wants to improve the timings of video cards, which means they can significantly increase their performance.

How to use it: basic steps

The use of PBE version V1.7.5.0 can be divided into three main steps.

1. Loading

For downloading, you should use only a reliable site. When downloading, you should create a separate folder on your computer in advance.

2. Preparation

Many experts recommend saving the original BIOS in the GPU-Z program before you start making changes.

3. Setting and use

After downloading, open the .exe file. Next, click OPEN BIOS. The next step is to find the BIOS file you saved thanks to GPU-Z from the list.

PolarisBiosEditor by Matthew

After it, press the “One Click Timing Patch” button.

Next, the program will calculate the most suitable timing for your device and ask if it is worth applying. At this stage, you should test the new timings. Try mining for a while and see how the performance changes. If everything works correctly, you can save the changes, and if the result is worse than you expect, you can return to the previous stage.

When saving new timings, it’s worth doing it as a new document. Otherwise, you can completely rewrite the main BIOS settings.

Why can we improve performance?

GPU manufacturers always try to make significant restrictions to avoid manufacturing defects. As a result, video cards provide much less performance than they actually can. You can fix this by changing the basic settings of memory timing. Such changes are especially effective.


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Hi I am setting up an RX580 rig with 12 cards and I currently have 3 cards connected. I can't get more than 29.7 and they are all Gigabyte with Samsung memory. Can anyone please advise what I can do to fix it? My cards are not modified in my BIOS.

Try using the overclocked settings from the Hive OS forum. You should get more

I tried and used all the different settings, the only thing that worked for me was to use Polaris Bios Editor 1.7.3 to modify the biography and use the settings that the BIOS editor told me. Now all my cards are running at 31.7, which I think is the maximum for these cards.

Which miner?


hi, i tried these on my 570 samsung, exactly like u said 31.xx, champion ! Thanks for sharing