Download Phoenix WinPhlash64 to update your BIOS

August 27, 2021
Version V1.0.76
Size 3 Mb
Architecture 64-bit

Phoenix WinPhlash utility

Phoenix WinPhlash is designed to update, backup, and restore the system BIOS on a flash device. The utility allows you to specify flags, change the update process, override DMI (Desktop Management Interface) strings in the current BIOS and display a list of supported parts of flash working environment.

The experts advise to update BIOS when your device is not compatible with other hardware or it has any kind of issues connected with the installation of the wrong version of BIOS. You need to understand all the process of making changes and be sure of every step you are doing.

There’s no need to flash your BIOS if your computer completes all the tasks properly. It can also sometimes happen that the old version works better than the new one. In this case, you need to install back the previous version and keep waiting until the more stable BIOS appears.

The great advantage of Phoenix WinPhlash is that the utility is free. The American company Phoenix Technologies Ltd. developed the software. The most popular version for download is 1.7. In order to install the software you need to have 1.3MB of hard disk space. Antiviruses have checked this version and approved that it is free of malware.


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