Download OverdriveNTool v0.2.9 last version

September 5, 2021
Version V0.2.9
Size 1 Mb
Architecture 64-bit

Choose OverdriveNTool for AMD hardware

Miners tune their graphic card for better performance to make crypto mining more productive. The process of taking these measures is known as ‘overclocking’. In order to implement them on you device you will need to use special software. In this article, we’ll give more details about OverdriveNTool that works properly for AMD hardware.

Overclocking itself is not that difficult to run, but there is a risk of spoiling the equipment. Thus, users need to be precise with the choice of program to download. It is a must to take into account the manufacturer and model of your video card and specifics of working with it. Choosing OverdriveNTool for AMD hardware is a right option. Before you start overclocking your card, mind the features of the program and its main principles of operation.

Working with OverdriveNTool

There’re no special skills needed for working with the interface as it’s quite simple, but you need to have ones when you start overclocking your graphic card. You should be aware of the issue that the software has no clear algorithm. In other words, your task is to check the stability of the video card and you will need to adjust all the features depending on the indicators.

You need to move the downloaded file to an empty folder and create a batch file for management. The next step is to run the program and insert the values in the fields.

System requirements for OverdriveNTool

  • Operating system Windows 7 and later;
  • Driver from 17.7.2;
  • Video Cards AMD 4xx, 5xx, 290, 380, 390, 290x, 380x, 390x, Fury, Fury X, Nano, Vega FE, Vega 56, Vega 64.

The features of the software enable users to improve the performance of graphics cards and reduce power consumption. Among advantages of OverdriveNTool is a simple interface that allows users to work with it at ease.

Adjustments of OverdriveNTool

Using this software, you can adjust the frequency and voltage of the core, maximum core temperature, and fan speed. In addition, one of the most desired feature by miners is provided as well – adjustment of power consumption. In case of any issues, the responsibility for spoilt equipment lies on its owner only. You need to be very careful when you increase the potential of your card. If you are a skillful user, there’s a minimal risk to your equipment and a high possibility to increase your mining efficiency.


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This looks sweet! Always hated Wattman never would keep my settings now it should be as simple as a bat file.

This tool is amazing. Much easier to use than Wattman dual mining @34.5 mh/s Ether and 1023 mh/s decred