Download MorePowerTool (MPT) vers. 1.3.9

October 6, 2021
Version V Beta 1.3.8
Size 5 Mb
Architecture 64-bit

What is More Power Tool?

MorePowerTool is a utility that will help you squeeze out as much performance as possible while overclocking your graphics card. MorePowerTool is an unofficial overclocking program not authorized by AMD. This means that you use it at your own risk.

How to use More Power Tool?

Step 1 – Download the program

Install the program according to standard instructions. Click Next everywhere.
During installation, the utility will inform you that it must be run with administrator rights!

Step 2 – Make a copy of the current BIOS

First of all, we need the original BIOS. Save the current BIOS as described in the ATIFlash instructions.

Save the current BIOS as described in the ATIFlash.

Or save the BIOS .rom file to TechPowerUp GPU-Z.

save the BIOS .rom file to TechPowerUp GPU-Z

Alternatively, use other programs like ATITool and RivaTuner, they can also save BIOS from the card. However, these programs still have problems with the latest graphics cards.

Step 3 – optimizing for mining

  • Run MorePowerTool.exe as administrator. To do this, right-click.
  • Click the Download button and load the BIOS version saved in the previous step. In the selection window, select the BIOS file with the .rom extension. You can also open any other BIOS found on the Internet.
  • In the box above, select your GPU.
    Now we are setting the “Overload Limits”. This affects the characteristics of the sliders and their maximum values ​​in Wattman.
  • Next, we set “Power and Voltage”. It also affects the performance of the maximum values ​​in Wattman for the frequency / voltage slider and power limiting. The “current” TDCI setting can only be set here, not in Wattman!
  • Next, we set the “Frequencies”. It also affects the performance of the values ​​in Wattman for the combined frequency / voltage slider and the memory clock as a real preset.
  • Finally, we can change the required fan curves. But it is much more important to save from “Save” to the MPT settings file with modified PowerPlayTables. Do not use Write SPPT or Remove SPPT!
  • We are reloading the saved BIOS because it serves as a template for the new BIOS. To do this, we use a bunch of programs: Red Bios Editor (RBE) + MorePowerTool.
  • Run Red BIOS Editor.exe. Open the BIOS with the “Download” button. Want to display a new boot message? Why not personalize it? Change sub-vendor and GPU ID!
  • We can now load the saved PowerPlayTables from MorePowerTool into the new BIOS.
  • The new VRAM settings are trickier. Change something here only if you are really sure of what you are doing! Besides sync strings, you can also select other modules (manufacturer). But as always, be careful!
  • We can now save our new BIOS to our own ROM file!

Fixed vers 1.3.8

– Debug Overrides and Throttler Control

– added support for Radeon RX VII
– no selection in Load PPT no longer loads default SPPT
– write button no longer writes zeros into registry if no SPPT is loaded
– some minor GUI fixes

– it is now possible to load SPPT from BIOS file
– some minor GUI and bug fixes

– merged BIOS File button with Load SPPT button
– minor bug fixes

– added Frequency tab
– added save function
– some minor GUI and bug fixes

– fixed VII overclocking

– support for RX 5500 (XT)

– new icon
– PPTable features
– minor bug fixes

– curve override

– more curve stuff

– support for RX 6800 (XT)
– minor bug fixes

– TGP, TDC fixed

– RX 6900 XT, RX 6700 (XT) added
– Radeon VII bug fix
– some minor fixes

– Navi 1X SoC Powersave Freq fixed
– Minor bugfixes

– Navi21 XTXH Support “Ultimate”

– minor fixes, first stable version


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