Download Kepler BIOS Tweaker

July 31, 2022
Version V1.27
Size 1 Mb
Architecture 64-bit

Kepler BIOS Tweaker is a portable software utility that helps advanced computer users easily edit the BIOS settings for their Nvidia graphics card. It offers intuitive options to get the job done quickly.
You can also save Kepler BIOS Tweaker to a USB stick or similar device to easily run it on any computer without having to install it first.

The user interface is a standard window with a simple structure where you can open a BIOS file (in ROM or BIN format) using a file browser or drag and drop support.
The BIOS information displayed includes the graphics card name, board, date, version, device ID, vendor, checksum, and file name.

Kepler BIOS

You can edit general details such as base frequency and memory frequency, acceleration frequency and limit, minimum and maximum percentage, and power control. In addition, you can adjust voltages, edit gain table parameters, and change the gain and clock state. The new BIOS information can be overwritten to the original file or saved to a new one.

Unfortunately, Kepler BIOS Tweaker does not have buttons for copying data to the clipboard or directly printing them. However, it works with a small amount of processor and RAM, so it does not affect the performance of the computer.

In our tests, there were no error dialogs, the application did not freeze or crash. All in all, Kepler BIOS Tweaker offers a user-friendly environment and easy editing options for BIOS data for Nvidia graphics cards.


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