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August 25, 2021
Version Vgithub
Size 12 Mb
Architecture 64-bit

GUI Miner is designed for mining cryptocurrency. You can download it free of change. In terms of functionality, it resembles the CG Miner software. Users admit that it is much more convenient to work in GUI Miner as here you find the specified commands in the program menu.

This version is more suitable for beginners while professional users prefer to run the version of CG Miner. GUI Miner has a user-friendly graphical interface for Bitcoin and Litecoin mining. The software supports GPU mining using AMD and NVIDIA. CPU mining is also possible. You can choose GUI Miner for solo mining and mining in pools. The program already has a built-in list of mining pools.

Features of the GUI Miner program

The program already has all the necessary installations to work with popular mining pools. You do not need to make any configurations manually.
When you start the program, several miners launch automatically.
You get the statistics from all working miners in real time in one place. GUI Miner displays the hash rate, the number of accepted and invalid shares and the total number of shares per hour.
You can always check your account balance as it is displayed online. You can also minimize the notification area for more convenient work. You can view or pause the program from the context menu.

What is GUI Miner Scrypt?

Miner GUIminer Scrypt is a modification of the original GUI Miner that allows you to mine block chains of cryptocurrencies. In other words, you can use this program to mine Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies. At the same time, the version GUI Miner is designed for mining Bitcoin only. This is the only difference between these two programs. All other features are the same by GUI Miner Scrypt and GUI Miner.

Features of the GUI Miner Scrypt program

You can mine Dogecoin, Litecoin and others.
The software has a convenient graphical shell for connecting to pools and managing the mining process.
GUI Miner Scrypt supports CUDA technology and Stratum-proxy.
You can use the program for solo mining without connecting to the pool.
If you have AMD APP SDK installed, the program works with AMD graphics adapters.

How to set up GUI Miner for pool mining?

  • Extract the contents of the archive to the folder and run guiminer.exe. If OpenCL is installed correctly on your computer, the graphical interface will start. If after launching you see an error with OpenCL, then you should install the OpenCL package from the manufacturer of the video card. Let’s look at the necessary installations for the Deepbit pool as a sample.
  • In the “Server” field, select “deepbit”. Then write -v -w128 -f8 in the field “Extra flags”.
    Go to and register.
  • Find the menu “Advanced …” and enter.
  • Find “API token”, it is highlighted in bold. Copy the line. In the GUI Miner press “Refresh balance” and paste the copied info.
  • In the case of one video card, you enter the registered email and password on into the corresponding fields of the program. If there are two or more video cards, or there are two GPUs on the video card, then you need to create the required number of workers. To do this, on the website in the “My account” panel, you search look for a table with the title “Worker”. Click on “Create new worker” and “Save settings”.
  • The next step is to create a new generator in GUI Miner (File -> New miner -> New OpenCL miner …), give it a name and set it up. Then click “Start mining! “.
  • If you want to withdraw crypto money to your Bitcoin address, click the “Withdraw” button. In your personal account on, you can write the address of your Bitcoin wallet or the address of a crypto exchange.


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