Download and configure BZminer for Windows/Linux

December 14, 2022
Version V12.1.1
Size 23 Mb
Architecture 64-bit

Settings and launch Bzminer.

Bzminer mining program – works from the command line. It is launched using the .bat file or configuration file Config.txt. Etchash algorithms for Ethereum Classic and Kawpow for Ravencoin. The program integrates in Hiveos and MMPOS.

Automatic intensity dynamically regulates the working loads of the video card, reducing delays, maintaining a high hash.

Compatible with NVIDIA and AMD graphic processors, supported by Windows or Linux systems.

pool accepted from gpu bzminer

Functions Bzminer:

  • Low 0.5% development fee (by default)
  • 100% LHR unlock V1!
  • GPU gas notifications
  • Several types of guard dogs to improve stability over long periods of time
  • Awesome Easy in using Linux and Windows Miner (GUI is available through a browser)
  • NVIDIA GPU memory temperature monitoring for Linux
  • (Experimental) Lhr Dual/Many Coins (Ethash/Kawpow)
  • The control/mining algorithm of the pool/wallet for the device!
  • Supported platforms
  • Window
  • Linux
  • Supported equipment
  • Nvidia
  • AMD
  • Experimental Intel
  • Optimized solutions with double mining for specific coins. Coins are currently supported:
  • ETHW + Alpha (only NVIDIA, experimental)
  • ETHW + KASPA (only NVIDIA, experimental)
  • ETHW + Radiant (only NVIDIA, experimental)
  • Etc + Alpha (only NVIDIA, experimental)
  • Etc + kaspa (only NVIDIA, experimental)
  • Etc + Radiant (only NVIDIA, experimental)
  • Ergo + Kaspa (only NVIDIA, experimental)
  • Ergo + Radiant (only NVIDIA, experimental)
  • The service of the guard dog, so that Bzminer works, even when something goes wrong!
  • Input data in real time to set up intensity and refreshing screen!
  • Hanged detection of graphic processors
  • Temperature monitoring at the junction of memory
  • Remote control of all mining installations in your network through a beautiful graphic interface Bzminer http!
  • Fast Cuda V11 and OpenCl Miner (optimization on some maps in anticipation)
  • Constantly improves based on reviews from you!
  • The ability of OC in a shakter (OC is removed during DAG generation to prevent the invalid generation DAG)
  • Improved production functions, including recovery periods, rags, stales_ok and extension
  • Multi Coin Mining (parallel, alternation, only Dag Gen)
  • Acceleration to Alga
  • Validation DAG for very high OC cards
  • Auto -voltage dynamically find the most effective workloads
  • The ability to reset overloses before generating DAG (will be thrown back after creating DAG). Useful for very high OCs that cause invalid DAG, which leads to many incorrect shares.
  • GDDR5 Weak memory (-oc_mem_tweak)


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