Beta driver NVIDIA 470.05 download for RTX 3060

September 4, 2021
Version V470.05
Size 631 Mb
Architecture 64-bit

Downloading the beta driver Nvidia 470.05 plays an important role for miners and home miners, because in early 2021 Nvidia limited rtx3060 video cards at the software level, which caused a deterioration in the mining process of Ethereum and other coins for mining, with the release of the latest NVidia drivers, miners really faced with a low hash rate.

But it’s not all bad, you can now unleash the full power of your RTX 3000 series graphics card by installing a beta driver that will definitely unlock the full potential of your RTX 3060 or any other RTX 3000 series card, just download and install the driver.

How to Install Nvidia Beta Drivers

  1. Download NVidia 470.05 Beta Driver
  2. Extract the ZIP file
  3. Uninstall all previous versions of the nvidia driver
  4. Restart your computer
  5. Install the driver
  6. Restart your system
mining bets driver 470.05

As Nvidia removed the driver download link from their developer page.
We share it here:
RTX 3060 has no hashrate limit for ETHASH with developer driver 470.05.

Driver version 470.05 works very well in T-REX cryptocurrency mining client, bypassing blocking on RTX 3060 and reaching 46 MH / s on ETHASH.

Parameters for configuring the RTX 3060 graphics card for a speed of + – 50 MH / s.
(Power 127 W, core +50, memory +1500)

For the BETA DRIVER to work properly, certain conditions must be met, otherwise the performance of the graphics adapter will drop to the standard 23-26 Mh/s set in the Nvidia limiter. For example, a video card must be the main one in the system, a monitor must be connected to it. The new driver only works under Windows 10 and the system needs to be cleaned of previously installed Nvidia drivers.

Driver interface


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Hi, I heard the news about removing RTX 3060 restrictions with NVIDIA WSL 470.05 BETA drivers on Windows, does anyone have a 3060 they've already worked on in HIVE?

this works on my MSI 3060 2 48MH / s fans under Windows 10

Is it with OC enabled or basic speed?

yes, with these settings, core -400 memory +1400 pl 73 temp 44 0 reject out of 15

Are you using the 470.05 beta driver too? 48 mh / s is still quite low

Hi, can I use this motherboard (B365 M AORUS ELITE (rev. 1.0) Key Features | Motherboard - GIGABYTE Global 15) for mining 2x 3060 and for full use?

No. Only one 3060 can mine with full potential on this board.

I have a working way to solve this problem. it is when the screen falls asleep that the card mines less. the display must be left on RTX 3060 with driver 470.05 and DisplayPort cable = 50.5 MHz / s

What settings do you use to get 50.5 MHz?

Win 10 driver 470.05 overclock -500 coreclock,1485 memory clock, power 70% the card turn around 50.2 and 50.7mh

Hey I have a couple of questions about connecting multiple 3060s. I have four. Can you mine ETH at full speed with the former and CFX with the latter at full speed? Does the connection of the second 3060 affect the performance of the second in terms of ETH mh / s?

Adding the second does not affect the performance of the first, and yes to your first question.

Remember, they must also be in the x8 slot.

I had downloaded and try to install the driver, and after running the mysetup app and I set install, the screen desapier and nothing happend. I am already had deinstalled all the before driver. Had try couple time and nothing happend. it wont install the driver... :-( I had and Zotac rtx360 OC 16RAM a Gigabyte MB for Mining Core i5

Its not working on Win10_21H2. What Windows 10 version are you using?

Doesnt work with windows 11. Is there a work around for that?

me funciono mucho...