What Is Crypto Art?

October 1, 2021

Crypto art is making great changes worldwide influencing the life of motion designers. This is a type of digital art and you can verify its ownership. The same way as usual physical works of art. The special non-fungible token is used, NFT. It represents a unique ID to verify ownership of a work. It can’t be replicated. You can apply it to any sort of things, files of jpeg, mp4, gif formats, and music. NTF is stored in the blockchain and anybody can access it from any place on the world using his or her computer.

Download or buy crypto art?

Crypto art works are available on the Internet. Blockchain is open for all of us; there is nothing to hide. That’s one of the main features of the system. It’s logical to get the desired piece without paying any kind of fee. There are two options with crypto art works.

You can download the piece in a couple of seconds or buy the original version of the piece. The last one is NFT-backed original. What’s the difference? The one than in real life! You pay a fortune to get the painting of the famous artist and you pay a dollar for a poster of his work. It’s up to you what you need. The crypto art works are the same in this aspect.

Why is crypto art popular?

It can hardly surprise us now when the era of digital money is in its full bloom. One of the grounds of its value is that it is a scarce piece of art. It is not possible to reproduce it due to NTF. In addition, we all give great value to it. We, people, who support the blockchain technology, who believe in the independent currency and everything connected to it.

The group of crypto enthusiasts is ready to support any rational idea related to the crypto world. Crypto collectors value pixels. It might sound weird, but it’s the new era. Some of collectors purchase crypto art pieces because they like them. However, there are also such who purchase the ones as a way for investment.

How can I sell my crypto art?

If you are eager to become a part of the community of crypto artists, there are lots of crypto art markets where you can sell your works. There you can choose the way to sell your pieces. Either you can place a fixed price for it or interested buyers can make bets on them. However, there is one little issue about all these platforms. In order to become a part of it, you need to fill in the form and get the approval. In some of the platforms, the access is limited. For instance, Async.art and Rarible are quite complicated to enter. The same situation with SuperRare, Nifty Gateway and KnownOrigin. They are popular with a strong community of creators. You can easily try your luck on the OpenSea platform for crypto art.

Create a crypto wallet

You have made up your mind to sell your crypto art and the next step is to create a crypto wallet. You need to have it in order to sell or buy crypto art. It’s very peculiar that you need to have your ETH on your wallet when you sell you crypto work. Right, sell. The matter is that when you sell you work it needs to be tokenized to go on the blockchain. It is a process of authentication so that it can be tracked at any time. This fee is called gas fee and you need to pay for it with ETH. It’s not difficult to get ETH to your wallet. You can use Coinbase for this purpose. First, you create an account on the official website, get a Coinbase wallet and use PayPal for exchanging your currency to ETH.

The best crypto art works to create

The idea to get rich is overwhelming many of us, but it doesn’t work that fast. It’s not that simple to earn money in the crypto world. The same thing as in the real one. When you create crypto art pieces, you should be yourself. That’s the art any way. There is no need to browse the net and find what’s popular or most expensive. You should create something you do care about. Something you’d like to share with others.


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