Ufasoft Miner: Nice Choice for Beginners

September 29, 2021

Today mining is available for any user; one does not need to have specific skills to start creating digital currencies. In this article, we’ll talk about Ufasoft Miner – a convenient software program that allows any crypto enthusiast to join the crypto mining world.

The program is used for mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Using Ufasoft Miner you monitor the load on the processor, adjust the temperature, the rotation speed of coolers, control your income, and withdraw the mined currency to a virtual wallet. The program has no graphic interface. You won’t need to insert any kind of complicated commands. The only drawback of the software is that it is only suitable for strong equipment.

The main features of Ufasoft Miner

The program is available in the free access. It’s designed for English-speaking users only. The systems to be used to run the software are Windows 7, 8 or 10. Users can use Ufasoft Miner for mining Bitcoin, SolidCoin, LiteCoin, TeneBrix, Roll-NTime, and BitFORCE.

The program allows regulating temperature and voltage on the video card. It is initially set at 83 degrees Fahrenheit and users can set up different temperature. Another feature is the ability to specify the number of cores and threads for mining. You can also adjust the pool address. The program is easy to install. To do this, you need to download the appropriate version of the program depending on the type of OS on your computer. Then you open the archive and start the installation of Ufasoft Miner.

Advantages and disadvantages of the program

  • Among the pros of using Ufasoft Miner is that it’s free. This software is quite popular. It takes around 5-10 minutes to set up the program. It’s compatible with modern graphic cards. The Ufasoft Miner program can be used with various operating systems. The program offers a wide range of PC customization options.
  • What concerns disadvantages of running this software, it only works with powerful hardware. Another point is that if you haven’t worked with console programs, it might be complicated at the beginning.

How to set up Ufasoft Miner?

Ufasoft Miner

Ufasoft Miner does not require complex configuration. For instance, in version 0.33, you can use several ways to debug the program. Let’s consider one of them. In the folder with the program itself, you need to create a start.cmd file and open it through notepad.

In the document, you write the line: start bitcoin-miner -t 4 -v -g no -u login -p pass -o http: // POOL: 8332.

In order to debug Ufasoft Miner for yourself, you need to adjust this code.

These are the components:

  • t is the number of threads or cores involved in mining.
  • v – denotes “Verbose output” mode.
  • g – can denote “yes” or “no” indicating the use or non-use of the video card.
  • u is the parameter in which Login must be specified.
  • p is the parameter in which Password must be specified.
  • o – specifies the address of the pool through which mining will take place.

More software for mining

Some out of the analogues of the Ufasoft Miner are GUI Miner and Miner Gate. GUI Miner is an easy-to-learn bitcoin mining program. Unlike Ufasoft Miner, it has a Russian-language interface. The dashboard contains the necessary commands to mine digital currency at easy. It is simple to use for beginners, as well.

Speaking about Miner Gate, it is a multicurrency mining software. You can choose within 14 types of cryptocurrencies. Today more than 500,000 miners are simultaneously using this program. The Miner Gate developers plan to add new PoW-coins, new mining algorithms and to develop console and graphic versions of software.


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