Top 5 NFT Collections in 2022

April 13, 2022

Interest in NFT collections is growing at a tremendous rate. There are a lot of different projects (more than 4 000000 assets can be found on OpeanSea alone), most of which are not distinguished by excellent quality, original content, and a well-thought-out smart contract. However, in 2022 some up-and-coming projects deserve your attention. Practice shows that talented and creative artists can gain immense popularity even with minimal financial outlay.

Crypto Barista

It is the first cafe in the world funded by the NFT collection. In the first stage, 60 characters are released, each of which has a pleasant time with a cup of aromatic coffee. The author of this collection was coffee enthusiasts who wanted to popularize this drink and accustom it to logical consumption.

Its holders receive lifetime caffeinated privileges at different cafes and sites of the future (and at this stage, they can get free coffee in selected coffee shops in New York). The owners may have an influence on Barista Bank, a 15 percent fund held for future use in coffee. In addition, it involves some charity projects in the field of coffee.

It is expected new NFTs will be released each season to grow the community.

Flyfish Club

It is the world’s only private dining club for NFT holders. So, community members get access to one of the largest dining rooms in New York. Participation in this project involves two types of membership: standard – 2.5 ETH (which allows holders to get a table for eight people), or Omakase – 4.25 ETH (which includes a separate dining space).

The peculiarity is that under the contract, people have the opportunity to resell the club membership or even rent it out.

It was founded by Gary Vaynerchuk, who may be familiar to people from VeeFriends, another sensational NFT. As part of it, you can gain access to a conference, which Gary Vaynerchuk mainly hosts.


It is an incredibly cool project that aims to blur the line between the real and digital worlds. Holders of such tokens call themselves skaters, as they can easily ride on this invisible edge.

Community members use their characters and partners for collaborations, NFT spin-offs, and possible life events. At the moment, this is a vast universe where everyone can find a place for themselves.

Women Rise

At first glance, this project seems too feminist, but it is not. It is ten thousand randomly generated NFTs featuring women. The purpose of this project is to slightly diversify the world of NFT, where most of the characters are male, and draw public attention to organizations that deal with issues of gender inequality.

Invisible Friends

It is a very unusual and original project for people with a good sense of humor. This project started in February of this year but has already attracted many users around the world. More than 5,000 different invisible characters were drawn, each of which has its peculiarity.

This project aims to help people forget about loneliness, turn their fear into humor, and make the world a little kinder.

Special attention should be paid to graphics: this is done in the best traditions of Disney cartoons of the first half of the 20th century, which makes them more colorful and exciting for holders.

Of course, the list of popular NFT collections does not end there. On numerous sites, you can find various projects that will find something to surprise you with. Someone creates NFTs as creatively as possible to express themselves and show their creation to a considerable number of people and someone to make good money on them. The modern crypto world is developing tremendously, which allows everyone to realize even the craziest idea.


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