The Review of GMiner 2.71

November 16, 2021

GMiner 2.71 has improved LHR card performance.

The developers added two new modes. They have created a new mode that works by default. If you don’t write anything, your first mode will be mode one. In this mode, you will have the card in the maximum performance mode. It will always consume the stable number of watts and will not change. However, if you want to change to the power saving mode, then you give the command “–lhr_mode.0”.

gminer 271

The miner displays the percentage of unlocking as a percentage. It is very convenient for you to understand the percentage you need. You just run the miner once and see the optimal result with auto tune. In addition, the performance on RavenCoin has been permanently improved. In addition, there is a display of the maximum difficulty of the share for each GPU.

We have a current speed on the pool of 208 megahash, a transmitted speed of 197.5 megahash and an average speed of 196.1 megahash. This is a very good result. The power consumption is 350-354 watt always in the new mode, which is in the maximum performance mode, which works by default.

Now we will register the flight sheet. In the flight sheet tab, choose edit. Then setup mining configur. In the field “extra mining config” insert the value “–lhr_tune 75”. You also need to disable auto tune.

To do this, use a command “—lhr_autotune 0” in the same field. Click apply changes and update. When you get all right, you can change up to the command “—ihr_tune 73.5” and leave auto tune turned off. You don’t need to lose your time while mining with auto tune, just make all the configurations correctly once to get the best results. There is no need to write power lim here. Cards set up power lim on account of the core.

gminer configuration

Now you can test another mode. First, we need to understand the correct value by auto tune, then set them even in zero mode. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the zero mode, or on the 1570 or 3095 core, every time you need to do this procedure in order to understand what values ​​it will set for this card after it picks them up.

In this mode “–lhr_mode 0” it tries to adapt the power consumption. Now the card mines 262 watts, set by lhr 70, the card goes through 83.6 megahash. Consumption will switch within the numbers 250 and 350 watts and change the megahash value.

If you set the setting “—ihr_tune 73.5” and disable auto tune, consumption will be higher. You can try to make more value. For memory clock, enter 3500 and restart the miner. As a result, you get +10 megahash compared to the previous results.


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