The Best Easy-to-Use Crypto Mining Software in 2021

August 29, 2021

Getting started with crypto mining is quite easy. With thousands of online guides, lots of great hardware setups, and advanced software, you can quickly assemble a relatively small mining farm to join one of the mining pools. While many believe that crypto mining is not as enticing as it used to be due to multiple halving events and overreliance on sophisticated hardware, the reality is much simpler.

Pros and Cons of modern mining

Crypto mining does not require you to have deep knowledge of hardware or software. Over the course of the last decade, crypto mining went mainstream and created a whole industry with supply chains, new emerging technologies, and functional service market. At the same time, the second-hand market provides a lot of used rigs that newcomers can purchase for a relatively low price and start their own mining operations.

So, here are several pros to consider:
⦁ It is cheaper than ever to start mining bitcoin
⦁ Modern software is easy-to-use
⦁ You can predict how much you will make with specialized calculators
⦁ There are numerous mining pools that you can join

You may ask why everyone is still lagging behind the hype train. Well, there are several reasons. The return is lower than it used to be due to halving and fierce competition. Many people do not consider costs related to mining. Electricity can be extremely expensive if rigs do not have high efficiency. Some newcomers fail to check how they will turn their bitcoins into cash since not every country allows transactions with BTC.

Cons of crypto mining:
⦁ The cost of running a crypto mining facility can be high
⦁ Bitcoin is still not recognized as an asset in some countries
⦁ The competition is quite hard making it nearly impossible for a lone miner to get any profit

Software for crypto miners

To start mining bitcoin, you will need to use specialized software. However, fine-tuning GPUs, tinkering with BIOS, and setting up the network are not the only necessary procedures. Crypto mining requires a lot of digital tools. Below are several important software packages you will need.

Virtual Private Network (VPN). Mining BTC is a highly competitive process that may take a couple of weeks before you receive your first coins. You won’t need a VPN or any other specialized connection for your setup to work. However, it is a good idea to protect your personal information and your wallets from cyber-attacks.

Bitcoin Wallet. There are several Bitcoin wallets that you may use to manage your bitcoin. A wallet is assigned an address that you will need to receive rewards from a mining pool. There are several wallets that you may be interested in:

  • BRD Wallet for Android and iOS
  • Ledger Nano X is a cross-platform, hardware wallet
  • Atomic Wallet is a good choice for those who want to manage multiple coins in a single app

GPU and BIOS tweaking software. Some hardware requires additional tinkering before it can perform at the highest possible level. For example, some AMD GPUs can outperform more expensive NVIDIA cards with some fine-tuning. Very often, ASIC rigs will need some adjustments as well. Crypto mining is not a complicated process yet it requires some preemptive tuning.

Mining Software. Programs that actually mine BTC. The most powerful rig will perform poorly if you don’t install a modern mining app that actually works well with your build. Thankfully, modern programs can be adjusted to better work with certain setups. Since many such apps have great UIs, it is quite easy to work with them even if you are not the most tech savvy person.

TOP5 Best Crypto Miners

Choosing the right mining program is quite important. Most modern apps support all commonly used operating systems. Here are several really good miners that will help you start earning your first BTC.

1. CGMiner

One of the oldest programs out there is developed by a group of dedicated engineers on GitHub. The app will work smoothly on all OS including Linux, Windows, and MAC OS. You can use this software together with ASIC and FPGA units for highly efficient crypto mining. Some of the features include:

⦁ Hardware monitoring (remote control, fan speed, and more).
⦁ Network scheduling to reduce delays and improve calculations.
⦁ Reports and real-time tweaking to find the most efficient set up.
⦁ Default settings for ASIC builds from HexFury and BlackArrow.

The UI and some of the features may feel overwhelming for a total novice. However, the community that develops this program is huge. You will easily find a mentor or answers to all your questions on the forums.

2. MultiMiner

MultiMiner has a comprehensive UI. While it is certainly not as cool-looking and functional as MS Word or Photoshop, it has necessary visual cues to make the experience slightly more bearable for those who do not know much about crypto mining. The program is developed to cater to newbies who want to jump head-first in the world of miners. There are several notable features:

⦁ Supports both ASIC and FPGA builds as well as regular PCs.
⦁ Can be used to mine not only Bitcoin but also Litecoin and some other crypto currencies.
⦁ Remote control of hardware and multi-rig management.
⦁ Compatible with many popular rigs like Block Erupter or HashBuster.

This software won’t force you to use the command line. It is a very good app. It does not impress with minimalism and outstanding compactness. However, all tools and actions are easily accessible and most important features are integrated nicely.


If you are looking for something with nice design and even cross-platform use, you will most likely enjoy using HashR8. This app is created for those who want to be in control of hardware at all times without compromising convenience. The app is built with scalability in mind meaning that it works for both newcomers and experienced miners operating a huge facility with hundreds of machines. Below are some unique features of HASHR8.

⦁ It has a mobile app that allows you to remotely control the hardware.
⦁ Installation is quick and easy. You can use a USB-drive for the installation process.
⦁ Fully visualized control panel that allows you to monitor the rigs.
⦁ Simple crypto mining for both newbies and veterans.

This particular crypto mining OS is quite expensive. It offers a wide range of features and allows you to quickly tweak the parameters of your hardware setup in style. However, it may not be the best choice for those who want to learn more about the technological aspects of mining.

4. EasyMiner

Crypto currency mining is very often accompanied by all sorts of problems during the initial setup process. After that, it is pretty much a smooth ride technology-wise. If you want to simplify the installation and adjustment processes, consider using EasyMiner. As the name suggests, the program is designed to be user-friendly and simplistic. The GUI is nothing fancy yet it is also uncluttered and offers you access to multiple functions via a basic, visually comprehensive menu.

⦁ Regularly updated open-source app with a simple UI.
⦁ Default settings for LTC mining and joining pools.
⦁ Additional protection measures such as Network Hardware ID delay and more.

One of the biggest downsides to using this particular crypto mining software is that it works only on machines running on Windows OS.

5. Hive OS

This is a subscription-based online mining platform that works well for those who want to monitor their hardware and control the efficiency of the mining operation. There is also a free plan for small teams. You can use the platform and join the pool for a small fee. There are also options for those interested in investing in cloud crypto mining. The service is relatively limited in terms of managing your hardware. Nevertheless, you should at least check it out for yourself.
⦁ Supports ASIC builds and GPU- or CPU-oriented mining.

⦁ Provides a comprehensive management kit that allows you control all aspects of your mining operations.
⦁ There are several tools for fine-tuning the hardware.
⦁ Reports, activity logs, and other QoL features that make user experience a little bit more enjoyable.

Hive OS is a complex solution. It is a service first and a dedicated software for miners second. All in all, it is a good choice for both newcomers and experienced crypto miners with years of mining behind their backs.

Honorary mentions: hardware-specific Miners
You can also use software that works well with specific builds and rigs as well as various GPUs. It can be a good choice for people who use regular PCs for mining or prefer building custom rigs with GPUs and CPUs from certain manufacturers.


NVIDIA produces powerful GPUs that can be used for crypto mining. Machines built with their graphic cards are quite efficient and can deliver good results. TRPRUVOT is designed to work with all NVIDIA cards and optimize the mining processes by using different algorithms. It is quite hard to use for newbies due to command-line interface and all of the control instruments visualized in the browser.

⦁ TPRUVOT allows you to mine 1Coin, AEON, WoodCon, Halcyon, FeatherCoin, and more.
⦁ Over 30 algorithms to choose from.
⦁ Dual mining costs 2%.

2. Claymore’s AMD and NVIDIA Miner

Optimized for both Windows OS and Linux, this particular mining software is designed to improve the efficiency of crypto mining operations relying on using different GPUs from both NVIDIA and AMD. The interface here is also a command-line which is not something that newbies will be happy about. The software will allow you to mine PIRL, Ethereum, Musicoin, Expanse, and Ubiq using the Ethash algorithm. You can also choose a different algorithm if you need to.
There are no specific features that require additional explanation. It is a solid choice for GPU crypto mining.

3. Genoil CPP-Ethereum Miner

Developed by a group of experienced coders on GitHub, this software is a good choice for people who want to utilize their GPUs to the fullest potential. While the program is not the best in terms of UI and UX, it is still a very good solution for Ethash-algorithm-oriented crypto mining. It is designed to mine ETH specifically.

It may not be overly popular yet the development is still continuing and there are many enthusiasts who consider this software solution to be the best in the market. It is well adjusted and balanced, works nicely with both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs, and offers a wide variety of features to tweak your crypto mining farm.

Other types of software

Crypto mining is as efficient as your hardware. Using the right tools to make your GPUs work faster and without a fault is also a very important part of a mining operation. For example, AMD Flash is a highly important piece of software for those who use AMD RX 560 and 5600. Obviously, you can use your AMD flash utility tool to adjust any card, but RX 5600 is definitely a top priority since it can actually work faster and cheaper than a much more expensive and efficient (on paper) NVIDIA 2060.

You should also use BIOS editors like Polaris BIOS Editor or RED. These utility kits allow you to adjust all possible hardware settings such as fan speed, hash rates, memory usage, and more. Having a good BIOS editor is quite important for those who want to make their mining rigs as efficient as possible.

The main takeaway

It is very important to make crypto mining as financially sound as possible since investments are substantial. Choosing the best software for any given build and goal is imperative. We suggest you to try out at least a couple of software solutions described above to make the right call.


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