T-Rex Miner: Utility for Mining

September 21, 2021

Mining software is needed for the computer to interact with the hardware in the most efficient way. It controls your devices. Mining programs can select a specific pool for mining, control the speed of work, and choose which cryptocurrency is more profitable to mine. As a result, the choice of a mining program will depend on the following factors. Decide whether you want to mine exclusively Bitcoin or altcoins as well. Evaluate what kind of mining equipment you have. And then consider if you are familiar with the command line or you prefer to use graphical interface of the program.

What is a T-Rex miner?

The first mining utility based on the CUDA Architecture (Compute Unified Device Architecture) appeared in 2010. Since then many versions of mining software for Nvidia GPUs have been created. In this article, we will stop on one of the modern developments – the T-Rex miner. The full name of the latest version of this program is T-Rex 0.15.4 NVIDIA GPU miner. With its help, green video cards mine cryptocurrency using 30 algorithms. The application has a closed source code, DevFee is 1%, supported CUDA versions are 9.1, 9.2, and 10.

Download the utility

You can download the T-Rex miner from the official developer website. It is not recommended to download miner programs from outside sources. It concerns any kind of utility. The original T-Rex Nvidia version is a packaged set of files that includes:

  • Application and system file “msvcr71.dll”
  • Instruction in English
  • Sample configuration file
  • Bat files for crypto coins

There are separate software options for Windows and Linux operating systems. You create a pack in a convenient place on your PC hard drive, unpack the T-Rex miner archive into it and proceed with the settings for a specific pool.

Hash rate (at overlocking)

  • GTX 1060 – 9,5 Mh/s
  • GTX 1070 – 14 Mh/s
  • GTX 1070Ti – 15 Mh/s
  • GTX 1080 – 18 Mh/s
  • GTX 1080Ti – 23 Mh/s

How to set up a miner?

The creators have configured the T-Rex miner batch file for RVN. Edit the ready bat file and start mining. If you need to apply T-Rex settings for a different algorithm, set up a wallet for crypto coins and select a pool for mining. After that you can start creating the batch file. The following items must be written in it: miner name, mining algorithm, server address and port, wallet number, and coin token. The T-Rex miner sets most of the mining parameters automatically. Other parameters are optional. It is not necessary to write them in a batch file every time, but under certain conditions, additional commands can be useful in T-Rex settings.

Using the Watchdog timer

Watchdog is designed to monitor the state of the miner and restart T-Rex if it crashes or freezes for any reason. In addition, Watchdog can automatically update the utility for a new version when it is available. You can use Watchdog the same way you use T-Rex. Just replace t-rex.exe with watchdog.exe in your bat file in order to use it. It is recommended to use Watchdog to avoid mining downtime and make sure your GPUs are running 24/7.

Possible problems

Sometimes crypto users face problems with mining utilities. What concerns the T-Rex miner, the most common reason for a startup failure is a syntax error in the bat file. Write “pause” at the bottom so that the program does not close and you will see the exact parameters which were specified incorrectly. Other reason for errors might be high intensity and gpu overclocking. In addition, you need to make sure the actual power of the power supply corresponds to the specifications stated and can handle the increased load. When you start the rig for the first time, be sure to set the swap file to the highest possible values.


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