Specifics of Mining with LolMiner

February 23, 2022

LolMiner is a program for mining cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Beam, Ethereum Classic and many others. The software works on Windows and Linux platforms. The fee for Ethereum is 0.7%. Using this utility, you can start dual mining, as well. Dual mining is the process of mining two specific coins on one video card (or mining farm). Thanks to dual mining, you can increase your income. You can mine ETH/ETC/UBQHASH and TON at the same time. You need to make sure that on Windows or Linux (HiveOs, RaveOS) you update the program to the latest version.

Start the program

There’s nothing specifically complicated in setting up work with LolMiner. To start customizing first you should update the hive version, type”hive-replace –y –stable”. Press enter and wait for the update. You can call this command using either Shellinabox when using a local network, or Hive Shell Start when using an external network. Next, you install the driver 470 .86, and you enter the command “nvidia-driver-update 495 .46”. After that, update the current version of hive and you will have the latest version of LolMiner 1.45 working.

Dual mining

Then go to Flight Sheet. Enter your Ethereum wallet, select pool – Ethermine, and specify LolMiner in Miner Setup Configurations. You can check in the settings and make sure you are running the latest version of LolMiner. Select dual coin Ton coin, enter dual wallet and select a pool. In dual pool configuration, write down the first server. Pay attention to Setup Miner Configuration, and in the settings select Second hash algorithm – TONDUAL. Then you click update and save, and the process starts.

Changing core settings

You can also make changes to the core settings. The larger the core, the more mega hashes Ton coin gives you, but this increases power consumption, overheating of the card and more blocks are needed. It is better not to increase these indicators, since the consumption becomes much larger than if you mine regular Ether. However, to make sure the solution is correct, go to the ton.org website in the giver wallets section for an analysis.

You can add one more coin. Click Add Miner, select Ether, and specify your wallet for the miner, for example, GMiner. You also need to set in the settings where and which cards, as well as their number. If there are different cards in the rig, they need to be configured differently. Create a new Flight Sheet, and start.

Changes in lolMiner, version 1.45

  • Added Ethash + Alephium dual mining mode analogous to existing Ethash + Ton mode. Use –dualmode ALEPHDUAL to use it. Supported GPUs: Nvidia Turing & Ampere generation, AMD Polaris (RX 400, 500), Navi and Big Navi generations.
  • Stratum connections will now have an increasing timeout (steps of 5 seconds) when reconnecting plus a small random time of 1 second in order to not overload the target pool in case of recovering from a network outtake.
  • lolMiner API now has new page /gui, which allows you to watch your rig mining in a web browser. Navigate to http://<ip of your rig>:<apiport>/gui in your brower doing so.
  • Added experimental (at the moment a bit slow) Ethash kernels for new AMD BC-250 APUs
  • In dual mining the algorithm that mined a share will now be shown in command line output
  • –ton-mode 6 stratum mode will now obey the prefix send to it on the first bytes of the nonce (request from other pools that want to use this scheme)
  • Startup time of dual mining on non-LHR cards is now reduced to 30 seconds after DAG build
  • Removed –ton-mode 2 from automatic detection (you still can request it explicitly) – ton-pool.com will instead use mode 1 for existing and mode 6 for upcoming new stratum servers.


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