Real Income by Different Mining Methods in 2021

November 3, 2021

We start the comparison with the video cards. You need to take care of cooling of your equipment. You need always control your rigs. Pay attention to the rigs when they are reloaded. Rigs can be also frozen and unable to complete the reload. Heat causes constant reload of your equipment. Be sure that you are ready to high temperatures to control the productivity of your mining equipment.

The power used for mining Ether is 4 GH/s. The calculator shows 0,126 for rewards, that’s equal to 229$ and mining pool we get approximately the same income from 200$ to 250$ depending on the price of Ether. Mining pools in certain cases make bonuses for the miners as rewards for their activity.

Bitcoin income is bound to its terahash as usual and you get the income from the rates on the pool for the very this terahash. That is for one day 143 110 satoshi equal to 46,5$, around 1400$ a month. The income number can vary as it’s Bitcoin and there’s no need to worry about it. Holding Bitcoin will make you profit. We just use the numbers for comparison. The bad news for Bitcoin is that the Chinese government switches off miners. However, that actually results in good news. The complexity of mining reduces and you’ll get profit with the same hashes (plus around 15%). Another point is that Chinese miners will get rid of their equipment due to the new restrictions and you can watch the choice of equipment on sites like AliExpress. The market of used mining equipment is likely to offer good prices.

Another approach is hard disk crypto mining. The Chia price reduced, that’s a positive tendency. Due to this the price for hard software falls. We advise you to join hard mining with the farms Bitcoin HD, Filecoin and some more. The advantage of using hard disks is that you don’t need to worry about power consumption. You can use any socket.
Now let’s analyze mining on DeFi. We put 5000$ to DeFi and it has brought us 160$ for 2 months. It’s placed in the pools of liquidity and if somebody enters to change USDT to BUSD, then we get some income to our wallet. It’s all regulated by the smart contract. We additionally get Bunny as a bonus and that will result in additional 22$ to our total income. We recommend investing in stable coin. If you invest the same sum in Ether and dollars, for instance, the volatility of the market will play its role on your profit. When you use stable coins, you have minimal risks.

One more topic to discuss, getting income on CeFi staking. Staking is the process of staking coins on a cryptocurrency wallet, for that you are paid a reward. We stored 8BNB and 2546BUST. The principle is the same crypto trading at rises and falls. Now we have 25BNB. When the price for BUST increases, we’ll stake BUST, not BNB which works the same. For staking, we also used token Polkadot – 25DOT, for about 2 weeks we get 0,5DOT and 1,9ATA as a bonus. Currently Polkadot price is low, so keep waiting until the growth to proceed with further actions. In CeFi we also invested 1500USDT. The balance now shows 1568$. They transferred the money in USDTLT whose price is 1.17$ and in total we have 1568$. There is no hurry to withdraw the money.


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