Nheqminer for Mining Zcash Currency

October 3, 2021

Mining is today a possible option for a wide variety of crypto enthusiasts. Professional miners obtained specific skills and use advanced programs to mine the digital currency. One of such software programs is Nheqminer. The program is used for mining Zcash. Zcash is an open source cryptocurrency developed by the Zerocoin Electric Coin Company. It provides privacy and selective transparency of transactions. Zcash payments are published on the public blockchain, but the sender, recipient and transaction amount remain secret.

The main features of Nheqminer

The Nheqminer program is available in the free access. The systems is designed for Windows 7, 8 or 10. It allows you to mine Zcash digital currency using a video card or processor. However, it should be noted that with CPU mining, the load on the processor is quite high and can reach up to 100%. This may result in the operation failure. The safest way to mine is with a video card. Be sure that you know what you are doing before running the software. This program is for professional miners. Moreover, there is no official instruction for Nheqminer. However, before mining cryptocurrency, you should search the web to find the scripts.


Advantages and disadvantages of the program

Among the pros of using Nheqminer is that you can get Zcash through console using either processor or a video card. You have a full control over the mining process. In addition, the Nheqminer program allows you to withdraw the digital money.

What concerns disadvantages of running this software, there is no official instruction for it. Another point is that if you haven’t worked with console programs, it might be complicated at the beginning. The program loads the system greatly that doesn’t allow working properly with other programs.

How to set up Nheqminer?

In order to start mining with Nheqminer, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Create a wallet for withdrawing money. You need to register on the necessary resource (e.g. cryptonator.com) and generate wallets for the desired currency. If you are going to use Nheqminer, you will choose Zcash crypto currency.
  2. The next step is to register on Supernova Hub. When registration is completed, you need to go to the “My Account” section, the “Edit Account” subsection and there, in the “Payment Address” field, you indicate the address of the Zcash wallet created on cryptonator.com or on another resource.
  3. Further in the section “My Account”, subsection “My Workers” you need to create a worker. To do this, in the “Worker Name” field, enter the name. In the “Worker Password” field, enter a strong password and press the “Add New Worker” button. We put a mark in the “Monitor” field to see the mining statistics.
  4. Set a client program. You can download Windows_x64_nheqminer-5c as it is better and faster.

At the first start, enter the -h command to see all the mining commands. They will be something like the following:

  • u – username;
  • p – password;
  • cd – turns on mining for NVidia cards (counting starts at zero). If one video card is used, then write “-cd 0”, if two – write “-cd 0 1”, if three – “-cd 0 1 2”;
  • t enables mining on the processor (the number after “t” sets the number of processor cores that the user wants to use during mining).

The first line should look the following way: nheqminer.exe -l zec-eu.suprnova.cc:2143 -cd 0 -u james stone -p wizard, where: “james” is the supernova account login; “stone” is the name of the worker that the user came up with when he created him in his account on the supernova; “wizard” is the worker’s password.


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