NFT avatars: everything we know about them

June 24, 2022

In the past few months, more and more celebrities have posted NFT avatars on their social media pages. So, for example, on Twitter, Eminem and Neymar Jr have an avatar from the NFT collection Bored Ape for 450 thousand dollars. Celebrities are ready to pay a lot of money to create a truly unique image because there are no 2 identical NFT avatars.

It is a work of digital art. It differs from ordinary non-fungible tokens in depicting the character’s face, which can later be used as an avatar in various social networks or computer games.

Where to buy it?

You can buy an NFT avatar in almost any marketplace that specializes in the sale of fungible tokens:

  • OpenSea;
  • Atomic Market;
  • Async Art;
  • SuperRare;
  • Rare.

The cost of an avatar depends on how popular the product is in front you. All NFT projects are created based on the Ethereum blockchain and are sold for the same name currency.

If you cannot choose the most suitable token, you can create it yourself. Several popular services help you do this, but if you own graphic editors, you can create a beautiful, original product.

The most popular NFT collections for avatars

Today, 3 main popular NFT projects are ideal for creating avatars:

  • CryptoPunks;
  • Ape Yacht Club;
  • Azuki.

Each has its characteristics and attracts millions of people worldwide, thanks to the original concept and graphics.

Where can they be used?

Recently, Shopify has decided to offer merchants new ways to interact with loyal customers using non-fungible tokens. They can connect crypto wallets to shops on the platform to prove ownership of specific tokens. This feature will give them access to presales and exclusive merchandise in the future.

This feature has already been tested among selected merchants. It is expected that shortly, this will allow reaching a new level.

Twitter was the first social network that allowed its users to post NFT as an avatar. Someone praised this decision, and someone, on the contrary, criticized it, but this tradition has taken root and is very popular.

Following this, Reddit also stated that it tested the possibility of using NFT. Since this platform was originally used to promote various collections, this decision seems logical.

Following Twitter, several other social platforms have hinted at possible NFT integration. So it became known that Facebook and Instagram are working on tools that allow you to share non-fungible tokens. It was a surprise if only because in 2018, Facebook adopted a ban on advertising blockchain technologies. Six months later, the complete ban was removed, but now advertising requires extraordinary moderation.

YouTube revealed its plans for the technology.

In addition, today, there are a considerable number of video games where you can use tokens not only as an asset but also as an avatar. Recently, it has become widely used in casinos. For example, Gambling Apes recently sold a collection of 7,777 NFT avatars to gamblers.

It is assumed that all social networks that want to remain popular will have to implement these technologies shortly. The more the popularity of NFT collections grows, the more the need to use them in various industries grows.


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