NFT and global fashion

June 1, 2022

NFT is one of the most popular crypto-assets. Interest in this type of digital art is growing tremendously, and now it seems that only the lazy have not created their collection. It is fascinating to observe projects created by world celebrities (musicians, actors, athletes) and various well-known organizations.

The fashion industry is also not on the sidelines, and there are more and more reports on the net that various organizations want to create their collection. So, the Italian fashion house Prada announced the release of Timecapsule NFT in addition to shirts as part of a collaboration with Cassius Hirst.

Details of the new Prada NFT collection

As early as this Thursday, Prada plans to launch 100 Ethereum NFTs and the latest edition of Time Capsule clothing.

Cassius Hirst is the son of artist Damien Hirst, who actively supports the crypto industry and the NFT, respectively. Not surprisingly, he was chosen by the fashion house Prada to create something new and exciting.

Within the framework of this project, everyone can buy a shirt, and in it, as a gift, an NFT with the image of this. As part of this collection, black and white unisex shirts with an original patch on the pocket were released. They can be a great addition to every crypto enthusiast’s wardrobe.

The NFTs themselves are GIFs of a black or white pill capsule. These will reference the serial number of the drop and include the number associated with each physical shirt.

Many clients like that they don’t have to choose between a digital and a physical asset. They get both options simultaneously, which is an excellent benefit of this project. The tokens will be issued by the Aura blockchain consortium based on Quorum, a fork of Ethereum. Along with LVMH and Cartier, Prada created it to fight luxury counterfeiting.

It is worth noting that the Time Capsule project was released back in 2019 and continues to develop. Prada has announced that customers who previously purchased these shirts will also be able to receive their NFTs later.

It is worth saying that this is not the first NFT project that was released with the assistance of Prada. The Italian fashion house has previously teamed up with Adidas to create a collaborative collection. It was released back in January on Polygon (total sales of this collection were only 468 ETH, and its minimum price is only 0.077 ETH or $140 each).

Adidas collections

As already mentioned, the Adidas brand is also actively involved in maintaining the crypto world. It not only released a new collection with Prada but also participated in another famous collaboration with the BAYC.

It is worth noting that at the moment, Bored Ape is one of the most famous NFT projects, which is actively supported by various celebrities. For example, Eminem bought this NFT for $450,000 and installed it on his Twitter profile picture.

From the sale of the collection from the Adidas collaboration and with the BAYC, GMoney, and PunksComic projects within the metaverse, the brand earned 5942 ETH. As part of this project, more than 30 thousand non-fungible tokens of 0.2 ETH were created.

It is assumed that Adidas will continue to work with the crypto world. This is evidenced by the fact that the company previously published a message according to which it acquired a plot of land from The Sandbox project.

Why are different brands creating NFTs?

Interest in the crypto world is growing at a tremendous speed. Global brands have 2 options: either ignore or join this movement. In the second case, they have the opportunity to attract additional investments and the attention of crypto enthusiasts and create extra brighter and more exciting promotions.

Ignoring such a significant segment as the crypto business can lead to the company lagging behind its more progressive competitors in development.


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