Moxie Marlinspike Shares His Concerns About the Future of Blockchain

January 31, 2022

In this article, we’ll reveal the hazards of a distributed ledger in the prospective and why builders are certain that centralization is inevitable. Moxie Marlinspike is an American entrepreneur, cryptographer, and computer security researcher. His criticism of distributed know-how caused a stormy reaction within the supporters and opponents of blockchain. Read further to get more detailed info of expert’s predictions.

Alessandro Segala leaves blockchain projects

Alessandro Segala is a product manager at Microsoft working on developer tools.  The Italian developer Alessandro Segala was engaged in IPFS and Ethereum due to the availability of new technologies and seeing the potential to guard towards DDoS and various types of attacks.

Recently the developer said that he stopped his projects on the following grounds, “If applied sciences like IPFS actually change into mainstream, they might do extra hurt than good. I’ve seen and see day-after-day the hazards posed by limitless freedom of speech and I don’t wish to be the one who technically helps this.” Alessandro Segala considers that it’s essential for the web to have filters. Among the list of reasons is the necessity to prevent the actions of anonymous investigators and combat crime.

The developer stated, “Prior to now few years, unrestricted free speech has given rise to a flourishing of false information and conspiracy theories which have already resulted in lack of life. Boundless freedom of speech has offered a mouthpiece for Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, white supremacist theories and bullying of the LGBT neighborhood”.

Centralization is inevitable

Moxie Marlinspike criticized know-how for inconvenience and incapacity to evolve for technological options within a short period of time. Fast-paced world requires stream rhythms, but after all, it’s now inherently in centralization.

The developer revealed his place, “Customers don’t have the chance to change into one of many full-fledged individuals within the community, as it’s superbly drawn on widespread blockchain diagrams. Virtually all “decentralized” purposes, together with the well-known Metamask, work together with the blockchain by way of Infura and Alchemy companies.

Regardless of the big efforts and prices to create a decentralized infrastructure, nearly all shopper purposes on the output unconditionally belief solely two firms and the data they supply in regards to the standing of the blockchain, which they don’t even verify in any approach”.

Marlinspike illustrated his view using the creation of NFT on the OpenSea platform. Making experimenting with creating duplicate NFTs, Moxie discovered that his token was deleted due to the violation of the platform’s conditions of use.  What surprised the developer more is that the token disappeared not only from the OpenSea platform, but also from the developer’s pockets on his machine.

The developer believes that further of NFT will come to the following scenario – all the parts of web3 might be gone. What might be left for users is only a web site, that is the place you should purchase JPEG footage by paying for them with a usual credit card

Marlinspike concluded, “If what we’re seeing out there proper now isn’t only a short-term blip, then maybe it’s time to consider what must be accomplished to stop web3 from turning into web2 squared – an Web with even much less privateness and privateness than it’s now”.


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