Moon Bitcoin to Get Your Free Coins

August 30, 2021

They say there is no such thing as a free lunch, but we still need to have a closer to look at existing offers. Who knows, there might be at least a free sandwich and it never hurts to try. Therefore, today we will talk about a free way for getting cryptocurrency Number One with the help of the resource Moon Bitcoin. For those who are familiar with Bitcoin it might be of no interest, but if you are a newbie in the crypto environment and still doubting about the first steps, we do advise you to proceed reading.

What is Moon Bitcoin?

Moon Bitcoin is known as a crypto faucet the main purpose of which is to provide you with free coins for solving small tasks. What you need to do is to complete registration in the project and then you start getting digital money even if your computer is turned off. Users can withdraw the money any time, just press the button ‘Claims’ and solve a captcha. Then you get immediately the sum of ‘earned’ satoshis to your account.

The process of registration

The registration on Moon Bitcoin is quite similar to the usual format. Moon Bitcoin uses CoinPot for instant payment of user’s earnings. It is required to register first for a CoinPot account. Then enter your email and sign in to the site. Make a confirmation with a tick that you are not a robot and solve a captcha. The final step is to press ‘Submit’. And here you are! Get ready to earn your coins! Press the button ‘Claim now’, you will see it in 5 minutes after solving your last captcha and then press it again.

Unblock advert

You might have a problem with a faucet claim for the advert blocking. It is important to unblock adverts; otherwise, you won’t be able to earn any coin. All the earnings are based on advertisement. If advertisement is not displayed, there is no earning. If you want to know how much money is on your account, just have a look at the top part of the main page. Next to the little yellow button, you discover your satoshis. If you are eager to increase the number of digital coins, press the button ‘Claim’ and solve captchas. You can repeat the procedure every 5 minutes. The system will award you with one or some dozens of satoshis.

Optimize your earnings

It is much more comfortable to earn on the website using the service of alerts. Choose ‘Alert me when it’s time to claim’ and then you get a sound signal when you can claim the next time. The more time you wait to click, the higher the award is. However, when we are talking about awards, you need to understand that this is all about little money. If you earn somewhat 10,000 satoshis, you can withdraw them from your account. That is around 1 dollar, just for instance. Starting from this number, you can transfer money to your Bitcoin wallet.

Moon Bitcoin Cash

Speaking about the work of Moon Bitcoin in common, they say the faucet functions properly and users get their earned money without any issues. You can get Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency. In addition, the faucet provides a referral program that attracts with its 50% lifetime commission on all faucet claims when you refer your friends to Moon Bitcoin. What’s more, users get a bonus form 1% to the maximum of 100% for each active referral link.

To conclude, the Moon Bitcoin faucet provides great options for newcomers. It will help you understand better what cryptocurrency is, how it works and what’s more important, there is nothing to be afraid of. Each type of investment requires knowledge of the subject, theoretical and practical.

Cryptocurrency faucets are a good way to get experience without any fear to lose money. Moon Bitcoin is just one of the options; if you are eager to try other faucets, have a look at Bonus Bitcoin, BitFun, and Moon Litecoin.


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