Mining with Professional RTX A5000 Card

October 20, 2021

The professional RTX A5000 card has 4 display ports and 1 port PCI.

There is no back plate on the card. From the outer look, you can’t judge about cooling. The weight of the card is 1 kg. Now let’s look at the powers and the practical usage of the card in mining of the most popular crypto coins.

When you start mining, the card mines 108,2 MH/s using 287 W, power limit 98 and memory clock 1750. If you want to run the card in downvault, you can use 90 for power limit and start the miner again. The card uses 224 W. As the result, the card mines 100 MH/s, because it can’t reach its core necessary for it, 1065, as Windows consumes a part and we get 100,7 MH/s. The card doesn’t get the sufficient number, however, it might be enough using Linux. In general, such an option is possible if you see that your card has overheating on memory. Otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense.

If you start the card on Hive, watch the following characteristics. Ethereum hash rate is 108,4 MH/s, memory 3500, power limit 230, power consumption 286 W. It’s important to notice that the card is dependent on the core. If you set the core 1230, you’ll get 106,6 MH/s and power consumption 229 W. Mining Ether using RTX A5000 card will give you a bit less than 8$ dirty a day. The pay-off period for the card is at least over a year.  In case of Ether drop in price, it can be much longer.

Ethereum classic 108,5 MH/s and power consumption 288 W. The same overclocking and the same hash rate. Do mind Ethereum Classic, as it has the highest volume after Ethereum itself. Ethereum Classic with 108 MH/s will give 4$ a day.

Mining RavenCoin with RTX A5000. The card mines 45,6 MH/s, raise up the core a bit and power consumption rises relatively. If you lower the core, you’ll lose slightly a mega hash, but then you win 10-15W. Mining RavenCoin will give you 4,55$ dirty (including 0,5$ for the socket).

Mining Ergo the card mines 260 MH/s, it would be great to get more, but you can see in NVidia info that the core 1620 and all the points are determined. Power card does not allow increasing the core. If you enter 1840, you get too close to power limit to 230 W and you won’t move further. What you earn with Ergo is 5,85$ dirty a day.

Mining Conflux using the card RTX A5000. It uses 286 W and mines less than 90 MH/s, power limit 230 W. You can’t get the core higher, you get only 1450. This is the problem of the card that you can’t change power limit. The income you get is 4, 80$ dirty a day.

Firo coin mines 5,25 MH/s and comes up to the power limit as well. The maximum for the core is 1440. The income you get is less than 4$ dirty a day.

Using GMiner 2.70 BitcoinGold will give the following numbers 129 MH/s, that is 3,5$ dirty a day.

You can test the profit on other coins using RTX A5000 card, but currently mining Ethereum is the most profitable option. It gives 8$ a day. In general, the card will be profitable for the coins that do not require power limit. If you compare this card to 3080Ti, on certain coins, e.g. Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, this card RTX A5000 is more profitable as it does not require power limit and we have low hash rate in 3080 Ti. When we don’t need low hash rate and power limit is required, e.g. CoinFlux, Firo, BitoinGold, the card 3080 Ti is more profitable.


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