Mammon Crypto Tracker to Monitor Your Crypto

September 6, 2021

Mammon is an application for tracking cryptocurrencies. It is placed in user’s menu bar to make it convenient for a user to see the portfolio, track coins, and read the latest news from a number of resources in real time. It also provides regular updates on market caps, volumes and prices for crypto listing. In addition, users can customize the tracker for their own needs and manage their preferences. Users can track the value of the entire crypto portfolio or choose certain cryptocurrencies to watch.

Tools applied by Mammon

  • Mammon update server (for auto updates)
  • Mammon coin list (for synchronizing coin list)
  • Google analytics (for keeping basic statistics about usage)
  • CoinMarketCap (for coin prices)
  • Yahoo api (for fiat currencies)
  • CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph (for news)

How to use Mammon crypto tracker

Open the application. There are three sections: Market, Portfolio and News. In Portfolio, there are all the cryptocurrencies listed and the total amount in the portfolio. Each cryptocurrency is shown by the number and its percentage in the entire portfolio. For example, if a user is eager to invest, it is easy to see how much money is in the pocket. To add the amount of coins there is a button to add cryptocurrencies and it will make the conversion to the base currency that was previously set in the settings button. What’s more, users can track each crypto coin and its price changes within a certain period of time. To read the news, one needs to click on the link of the chosen headline that takes a user directly to the news page.

Reminders and notifications

A user can target his aim and set up reminders for any of the cryptocurrencies. There is a bell icon besides each of the cryptocurrencies in the list on the market watch. Clicking on this sign, a user sets up reminders. There is also an option to edit the reminder settings, which depends on the determined percentages. Pressing the Market button a user can watch a market list. A few coins are listed there. However, it is possible to add more coins into the list and make necessary rearrangements in the comfortable way for the user to see his preferences at the top of the list. In the top menu one needs to click Edit and when finished Done.

Add more settings

There is a + button below the list of all the altcoins and coins. This option enables users to add new coins into the market list. Users add coins manually. First, write down the name of the coin. When the name of the coin shows up from the drop menu, click on it and have it added in the portfolio. What’s important is that the application puts all the data about the price at once and shows the percentage change over the determined period of time.


Mammon crypto tracker is an electron based application. It has a status bar that is based on the multi-tabbed user interface. The data of more than 700 cryptocurrencies can be tracked by the application. The latest prices of the most popular cryptocurrencies are given in the menu bar. Users can see prices of coins in more than 30 most traded currencies such as euro, dollar, pound, and others.

One of the greatest features of the application is that Mammon crypto tracker will inform the user when the price hits his target. That means it saves user’s time greatly. At any time, a user can find out the percentage of cryptocurrency drop or rise, price update in accordance with the range that he sets; it can be daily, hourly, etc. Users can evaluate the advantages of using Mammon application. In addition, crypto enthusiasts may also try such applications as CryptoPriceWidget or Donut in order to monitor cryptocurrencies.


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