Investments at the Period of Crisis

September 28, 2021

The Bitcoin rate is experiencing dramatic changes and the worldwide situation in general deserves to be better. All economic spheres are now in the critical situation as supply and demand are sharply dropped.

Workers and employees are in quarantine and the production process is greatly affected. A vast majority of companies have already reduced stock prices. Anyway investors come across the decision being full of doubts and controversial argumentations, how to save and increase the savings and what type of investment to choose.

Classical investments versus crypto investments

The tourism industry suffers most of all. Companies in the touristic sphere have their income lowered which results in the decrease of dividends to the shareholders. Some airlines companies have lost up to 70%. World’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information face price falls. Less profit is made, less dividends for the shareholders are provided.

Another cause for concern is the potential bankruptcy of companies. It can be assumed that stock prices will rise up to their previous value when the pandemic subsides and the demand recovers. However, the speed of recovery for the stock market may take a long time. Time is money. Using time in the efficient manner investors can get money, and by wasting it, they can lose the opportunity of earning the capital. In that regard, crypto industry might recover much faster than the classic market.

Trum cards for the crypto holders

As an Indian politician Arif Naseem says, ‘Modern technologies are 99 percent bravery, and 1 percent investment’. When there is an issue about crypto investments, one should always take into account what type of capital crypto enthusiasts are going to put at stake.

The point is not about all lifetime savings for the rest of ‘the peaceful survival’, but a balanced decision and а circumspect ambition in the digital perspectives.

Many crypto enthusiasts are using the opportunity of Bitcoin’s fall to buy the digital coins for a lower price. On March 13, Bitcoin’s price reduced to more than 50% during the day, but the current situation demonstrates coin’s rise. Investments into cryptocurrencies are most often regarded as long-term investments.

The number of Bitcoin’s requests is growing which means that the coin will strengthen its value in the nearest future. If the greater number of people believe that Bitcoin is going to be digital gold, the better is the future for the first cryptocurrency.

Another reason for choosing crypto investments at the current situation is that it might turn out to be secure assets. Certainly, crypto platforms have a huge advantage in the matter of functioning while the stock market is having an obligatory break. Nevertheless, the point is quite disputable, because at the same time even the price on gold has reduced.

Invest or not invest?

The whole world population is looking forward to the time when we can happily acclaim that pandemic is over. Most regrettably, this is not a question of a month or two and even not a point of five-digit number of deaths. People are still and will always be looking for the ways to keep their money safe and make profitable investments.

There is a stock market on one hand with the worst scenario to become bankrupt and a crypto market on the other with its suspicious interest from user’s sides. Judging by the crisis in 2008, the crypto market may require less time to recover in comparison to the stock market. Nobody knows, but the best moment for Bitcoin’s investing might have already been missed as its price has risen for more than 60%/ at present.


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