How to find out if your computer is being used for cryptocurrency mining

June 10, 2022

Mining is one of the most common ways to mine cryptocurrencies. Everyone has a different attitude to this, and someone says that this is the most profitable way to earn money, while others, on the contrary, are against it because this industry absorbs a considerable amount of electricity, thereby harming the environment. But what will you say if you find out that your computer or laptop can be used for mining, and you don’t even know about it.

What is unique about mining?

For the blockchain to perform various transactions, it performs multiple mathematical calculations, which require a lot of power. A person can lend their equipment to the system, for which he or she will receive rewards. The more powerful your processor, the more money you can earn.

All cryptocurrencies are different. So, to perform transactions using Bitcoin, enormous capacities are needed, while other currencies, such as Monero or Dash, often require a stationary computer.

So, where to get massive power for mining? The most common option is to buy expensive equipment that requires a lot of space and consumes a lot of electricity. It is often highly inconvenient and takes a long time to pay off fully.

That is why some miners have chosen a different path. It is much easier to distribute the necessary power among many computers (the more, the better). Today, many viruses get into your computer, start mining cryptocurrency, and the computer owner may not even think about it.

Often, such viruses are quickly detected, as the processor starts to slow down a lot, the ventilation system works at total capacity, and the computer stops performing the functions that it previously did easily and quickly. After the user contacts the programmer, the specialist can quickly identify the problem and fix it.

Many miners quickly realized that this was inefficient, so they began to use a different approach. So, they started creating information sites that host particular JavaScript files that perform mining while you use the web platform. Usually, in this case, less aggressive scripts are used than in viruses, so a person may not notice that a third-party program is using his computer.

You can find out about such activity if you view performance in the task manager. If the processor is running at 20% or less, there are no sharp bursts of action, then everything is normal. But, if this number is much higher (and you did not use complex programs but simply read news on the Internet or took work notes) and there are sharp jumps, then there is a reasonably high possibility that third-party programs are using your device.

When is mining not harmful?

The biggest problem is that a person is often unaware that his computer is being used for mining. It is an absolute scam that needs to be stopped.

However, some sites will openly ask how you feel about your computer being used for mining while using the site, but you will not be bothered by ads. Every site needs funds to exist. If you don’t want to see many annoying ads, you can let it use your mining power. It will not significantly affect the computer’s performance, and you will be able to watch a movie, read articles, or view photos.

How to prevent illegal mining?

There are 2 ways to prevent mining without your knowledge:

  • Disable JavaScript;
  • Use programs for blocking (No Coin, minerBlock, Anti Miner, Coin-Hive Blocker, and others).

The choice of the program depends on which browser you are using. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, it can slow down page loading speed a little, but you will be sure that your computer’s processor is safe.


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