Hacking Power Consumption of LHR Cards in Mining

October 28, 2021

In the article, we’ll reveal how to hack power consumption of LHR cards in mining and show the numbers of a test GMiner on the example of RTX 3080Ti.

LHR RTX 3080Ti

To demonstrate hacking power consumption of LHR cards, we take NB Miner version 39.2. It mines 84MH/s and consumes 354W. Enter Flight List and start GMiner 2.67 in the test regime. This version is not a released one, but HiveOS users have already added it. Make no changes in GMiner settings. Certainly, you can make advanced settings, but for the test regime, the usual settings will do as well. Make no editing in Flight List. If you have cards LHR 3060 of version 1, you need to insert commands ihr_tune 1/ihr_tune 2 to set unlocking parameters.

3080Ti LHR Gminer2.67

The main thing is power consumption. It consumes 248W mostly 80% of time. Why don’t we get a stable number for power consumption? It all goes to the certain algorithm of NVidia programmers and their adaptation to the exact number in consuming. As you know, the card was not supposed to be used for mining at the beginning of its creation. Don’t surprise when you see 350W of consumption, in a few seconds it will stabilize again to 250W. The top number we get at mining on RTX 3080Ti is 91MH/s.


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