NVIDIA Inspector. The Main Features

December 18, 2021

NVIDIA Inspector is a tool for reading all GPU relevant data from NVIDIA drivers. In addition, the utility supports overclocking and changing driver settings. It may happen that overclocking causes heat troubles. In order to prevent the last ones, users can confidently use the utilities from NVIDIA. The company designs GPUs for the gaming and professional markets and SoCs for the mobile computing and automotive market as well. In recent years, the NVIDIA company has taken a leading place in the areas of visual computing, datacenter, targeting gaming, visualization, and automotive markets. The greatest competitor of the corporation is AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), but NVIDIA is the only way to use high-end graphic cards. 

The review of NVIDIA Inspector

NVIDIA Inspector is a utility designed to work with the graphic subsystem. It enables users to get necessary information about the operating adaptors and perform overclocking.  NVIDIA Inspector monitors voltage, GPU frequencies and default frequencies, the temperature, the fan speed and other options. The program allows users to analyze characteristics of the chip and memory, the degree of GPU load and a number of other parameters. It also can change the values of parameters affecting the performance of the video card such core frequencies, memory, voltage and temperature. In addition, fan settings are available, and users can adjust fan speed to their own requirement. However, experts advise to leave in the automatic mode, because the utility knows the best options.

The functionality of NVIDIA Inspector

Specialization of the program

NVIDIA Inspector works only in Windows with graphic cards of the NVIDIA brand. By default, the program window demonstrates only statistics. In order to get access to the overclocking option, users should click Show Overclocking. Moving the sliders in the direction of increasing the supply voltage and frequency regulates the speed of the adapter. In order to make changes users are to click Apply Clocks and Voltage. It is not recommended to use the maximum values for the parameters in order to avoid damage of the device.

NVIDIA Profile Inspector

Users can also find the latest version to download NVIDIA Profile Instructor. It is a powerful tool and can be used instead of downloading big software. NVIDIA Inspector is a multi-featured application for NVIDIA video cards. We have made a brief review over it previously in this article. However, if a user only wants to use its clocks and fan speed controlling features, it’s advised to download the NVIDIA Profile Inspector.

The main features of NVIDIA Profile Inspector


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