DogeCoin co-founder does not believe in the onset of crypto winter

June 6, 2022

The crypto world has been going through hard times in the last few months. The value of the underlying assets dropped significantly, and some well-known currencies, such as the Luna, ceased to exist. Different experts have different opinions on this issue. So, Jackson Palmer, co-founder of DogeCoin, believes that there will be no crypto winter shortly, and the situation will return to normal soon.

According to Jackson Palmer, why should not expect the onset of crypto winter soon?

In 2013, Jackson Palmer, together with his Adobe Systems colleague Billy Markus, created the meme-cryptocurrency Dogecoin. Then they did not think that this could make any kind of sensation. It was instead an attempt to do something new, unusual, and fun. Two years later, they left the project and sold all their assets in this currency.

Last year, Jackson Palmer spoke very strongly against cryptocurrencies in general. He called it “far-right, hyper-capitalist technology.” In his opinion, this is only aimed at filling the wallets of already wealthy people.

Recently, Jackson Palmer gave a fairly extensive interview where he said that he does not think that the crypto world can burst shortly. First of all, cryptocurrencies have shown the whole world that you can earn big money doing almost nothing for this. It leads to the fact that the number of crypto enthusiasts is growing tremendously.

Jackson Palmer also notes that many people lack collective memory. So, he is sure that many people do not remember ICO and NFT scams and are ready to invest in DAO and IGO. In his opinion, this leads to a mental problem because those things that previously seemed like science fiction are now becoming the norm.

Jackson Palmer also claims that a big problem in modern society is fraud, especially evident in the crypto industry. Now people are ready to turn off remorse for their benefit, making money. To counteract this, he works on the Griftonomics podcast, where he strongly criticizes the entire crypto community.

Speaking about the fact that the crypto world is unlikely to burst shortly, regret and annoyance are felt in the voice of Jackson Palmer. As the number of crypto enthusiasts grows, the number of people who speak out against this industry expands at the same rate.

Disagreement between Jackson Palmer and Elon Musk

Jackson Palmer and Elon Musk exchange comments and messages on Twitter, and only lazy people don’t talk about their differences.

So, Jackson Palmer accused Elon Musk of fraud. In his opinion, he proposes a new strategy for the development of the world, but at the same time, he does not know whether it will be possible to implement it. Jackson Palmer said that he brought Elon Musk a fragment of his anti-spam code on Twitter a few years ago, but the billionaire could not figure out how to run it because he “does not know the code well.”

At the same time, Elon Musk was highly harsh about Jackson Palmer’s code in Python to combat bots. In his opinion, his children write more exciting and efficient codes at 12.

Elon Musk also said that if this code is so good, let Jackson Palmer show it to the world community so that they can decide who is right in this situation.

While it’s hard to say how long this dispute will last and end, many users are surprised at how harsh language both sides use to insult each other. Recently, more and more often you can find open disagreements between adherents and opponents of the crypto industry.


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