Bypass Hashrate Blocking in Miner for LHR Cards

October 19, 2021

In this article, you’ll learn how to set up correctly the bypass hashrate blocking for LHR cards. You start with downloading GMiner for Linux, version 2.70.

In the installation settings, go to the tab “Flight Sheet” and prepare auto tune.  Click on “Edit” and in the Miner category, choose “Setup Miner Config”. In the popped out window delete the information in the field “Extra config arguments”. You apply changes and changes will be applied on all the workers using this Flight Sheet. Click “All workers” to proceed and then the computer restarts.

You need to pay attention to the following points. Note that there appeared a new column LHR and auto tuner points out the determined value (2).

In a red line you see “GPU: Lock detected, unlocking …” First, hashrate is given, and then a green note that auto tune changed the value for the card and now the value of LHR will be not 2, but 3. The next message to notice is “GPU0: LHR tune changed to 1” and then it starts to apply this value and up to infinity, until it picks up a necessary value. In half an hour, you can check up the values and there’s no need to make any changes. Just keep on waiting.

You should not surprise that there’s no hashrate shown. It didn’t disappear by no means, the auto tuner is working. At the same time the auto tuner processes to adopt consumption and then get the maximum of hashrate.

Up to 40 minutes after launching the auto tuner, you check up the values and see in 3070 Ti the auto tuner set -3 and 3080Ti – 4. You will not need auto tune any more. Enter GMiner configuration and in the field “Extra config arguments” you need to write “–lhr_tune -4”, or even “—lhr_tune -5” is possible. However, it’s better to start with -4 first.

Then apply changes and click “All workers”.

When the computer is restarted, it starts mining properly at once. You set the value for both cards -4. You see the lines for both GPU0 and GPU4 – LHR mode activated with tune -4.

The first tick shows 50,75MH/s for 3070Ti and 85,44 MH/s for 3080 Ti, the second tick – 58,61MH/s and 83,02MH/s relatively and so on.

Up to the 5th tick it’s going to level the values. First, it stabilizes the values and then raises the hash rate. There must be proper power consumption, don’t forget about it. 

If you’re using GMiner 2.69, in user configuration write “ –lhr_tune1 -5 –lhr_tune2 -5”. You have to use two commands as well as in GMiner 2.70. You launch auto tune and when worked out, insert these two commands.

Certainly, GMiner 2.70 provides better results than GMiner 2.69. Concerning other cards and issues with them, using the card 3060 LHR1 you lose 10MH/s from each card. However, this issue might be solved in the nearest future.


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Hello, what overclocking configurations do you have set on your 3080ti. Great post.