Bitcoin Faucets to Earn Free Bitcoin

August 26, 2021

The huge impact of the crypto currency development and its spread all over the world fascinates the modern population. Certainly, it awakes a desire to get closer to the digital money and broaden the knowledge about new solutions. However, the enormous Bitcoin prices scare newbies at the very first sight, and at its rising periods do not hold out a hope of obtaining digital coins. At the same time, all good things come to he who waits. That works for crypto greatly. And Bitcoin faucets do work as well! It is possible to earn free Bitcoin and does not require specific skills to try this opportunity.

The main feature of Bitcoin faucets

It is difficult to believe in the current situation that at the very beginning, Bitcoin faucets were used to involve enthusiasts into the project and the original Bitcoin faucet dispensed five Bitcoins to each user. They say if youth but knew… Today crypto enthusiast are aware of the numbers, which are not that crucial, but at least something. Bitcoin faucets are applications or website that allow users to make money on competing some tasks.

They include captcha competition, prizes from certain games, viewing ads and so on. Bitcoin faucets have a lot in common with Airdrops and bounty programs as they all undergo the same method of getting crypto rewards. However, users may complete these tasks as long as the service exists.

Below there are some Bitcoin faucets worth notice.

The oldest Bitcoin faucet BonusBitcoin is specified by the possibility to claim every 15 minutes. The official website attracts with the offer to suggest up to 5,000 satoshi per claim, automatic daily bonus in the size of 5% at the end of the day and even free withdrawals. In addition, BonusBitcoin provides 50% lifetime referral commission. Newbies can try this resource with free registration.

Moon Bitcoin
The second Bitcoin faucet in our list is Moon Bitcoin. It enables users to decide how often to claim. Every 5 minutes it is possible to claim a small amount. The service uses CoinPot for users’ savings. Once the registration for CoinPot is passed, then a quick registration in Moon Bitcoin is required. Using the service, crypto enthusiasts can increase claim amounts up to 300% with the help of daily loyalty bonus, referral bonus and mystery bonus.

The main features of FreeBitco are free Bitcoins every hours, a referral contest, a free weekly lottery, a wagering contest and a peer-to-peer event prediction. In addition, this Bitcoin faucet provides a provably fair HI-LO game and a generous referral program. To convince the user, the site attracts users with the special chance of winning a Lamborghini. FreeBitco allows withdrawals once a user reaches $1 worth of Bitcoin.

What concerns Eobot, it is in essence a cryptocurrency cloud mining service, but it also offers a Bitcoin faucet. The peculiarity of this service is that registered users can only use it once a day. Eobot has over two million users and the number is growing. The faucet gives a very generous payout. What’s more, it does not only work with Bitcoin, but also Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ripple and many others. Users can get paid in the preferred cryptocurrencies.

Such a Bitcoin faucet as BitFun is designed for gamers. They offer to play games, have fun and earn Bitcoin. Users can claim from the faucet every three minutes. The BitFun website suggests trying fun games, fun dice and fun offers. The minimal withdrawal amount at this Bitcoin faucet is 10,000 satoshi. All the earnings are paid with help of the CoinPot account.


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