Instructions for Using AMD Blockchain Drivers to Improve Mining Performance

September 23, 2021

AMD graphic cards are actively used by crypto enthusiasts to mine digital currencies. AMD Blockchain Drivers are recommended for Windows in order to maximize using AMD graphics card for mining crypto. Developers from the Radeon Technologies Group have created a unique driver package to improve significantly the performance of mining farms.

How to download AMD Blockchain Drivers

AMD provides its users the AMD Blockchain drivers to download and install on their PCs. Users are able to find AMD Blockchain Drivers manually, select the necessary ones and then proceed to download them.

The first step is to go to the official website of the developers. The link to download is placed there with a detailed description of AMD Blockchain Drivers. It is recommended to read all the information and EndUser License Agreement thoroughly before moving to the downloading step. On the site, users will discover the utility there is compatible with their Windows operating system.

When the program is already downloaded, users should uninstall their existing AMD graphic card driver using the following directions Control Panel > Programs and Features > AMD Installer > Uninstall.
When it is uninstalled, users need to run the downloaded version of AMD Blockchain Driver. There will be an onscreen instruction to follow to help finish the installation successfully.

They inform on the site that the new driver is a beta-version, that is, it is not intended for full-fledged graphics or game loads. The AMD company does not have plans for working on optimizing and finalizing drivers. Therefore, if there are errors found, they will not be fixed.

Testing of modifications

To complete the process correctly, it is advised to run the previously downloaded pixel patch before rebooting the computer. This software is used to prevent problems associated with editing DAG files. If a user did not change the default settings for the video card in the BIOS, the mentioned option is not necessary and one can reboot the computer just after the AMD Blockchain Driver installation.

In order to test the modifications, users extract the contents of the previously downloaded patch archive to the desktop and run the file AMDdriver.exe. Consequently, the program will start.

When the pixel patch is implemented, one can reboot his computer. Testing of AMD Drivers is not much different from testing similar software from other developers. When the computer has rebooted, users do a quick check in the Video Adapters section. It is important to have the video cards connected to the computer, and it must be displayed there. In addition, the system does not have to issue any kind of warnings.

Make automatic update to your AMD drivers

The process of manual downloading of the AMD Blockchain Drivers requires some professional skills and definitely time. There is an option of automatic update of drivers with the help of Driver Easy. The utility offers users to perform all the operations in one click. It has already become a tool of more than three million customers.

Driver Easy improves computer performance and stability using all certified drivers for update. In addition, it fixes missing and outdating drivers.

The utility has a catalogue of more than eight million drivers. It supports Windows 10, 8.1 and 7. The developers of the program offer to choose the appropriate option for a user within Light, Pro and Technician. It can be used either for free or for a fee regarding the selected package of services. Running Driver Easy is easy; users click the Scan Now button and it will scan a computer and detect any problem drivers.


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