All You Need to Know About Bitcoin Transactions

November 15, 2021

Bitcoin transactions have their own specifics as Bitcoin itself is not a usual account in your bank. In order for Bitcoin to get into the network, you should pass a number of steps to secure your Bitcoin transactions. There are three stages to go through to complete a Bitcoin transaction: a transaction input, a transaction output, and an amount. You use your Bitcoin address to send the crypto money, that’s a transaction input. The transaction address that receives the money is a transaction output.

The main principles of work of Bitcoin transactions

You send Bitcoins that once you received from another user. When you make a Bitcoin transaction, your wallet sends money to the address making a transaction output. This transaction is registered on the Bitcoin network with the record of your Bitcoin address as the transaction input. This way crypto users can send crypto money all over the world and be sure, they are using the safest transactions of the new era. You can check up all Bitcoin transactions any time as the system is completely transparent.

Choose the amount

If you are going to send a tiny amount of Bitcoin, it is possible to do that. Satoshi is the name for smaller parts of Bitcoin. One Bitcoin is equal to 100 million of satoshis. If you are going to send the minimal amount of money, the smallest Bitcoin transaction is 546 satoshis.  You also need to take into account that Bitcoin transactions involve fees for transactions. In addition to the main amount, you’ll need to add extra to the payment. When you send crypto money, you will notice several addressed which are under your control. Actually three of them. It is all necessary to have the transparent and secure Bitcoin transaction.

Bitcoin wallets

You need create a wallet if you want to send or receive Bitcoins. You can see many different wallets on the net, but the main features are more or less the same. You need to select Bitcoin to send, insert recipient’s address and write the amount you are going to send. You will see your transaction fees and then you can click to send. All Bitcoin transactions are public, they are permanently stored in the Bitcoin network. Any user can see the balance and transactions of any Bitcoin address. Anonymity is a great point in the crypto world, but crypto addresses can’t remain completely anonymous.

Secure your wallet

The crypto world doesn’t differ much from fraud in the traditional financing schemes. You should understand the risks if you are storing your money online. A great number of exchanges and online wallets can’t provide enough insurance to store Bitcoin for 100%. But you read convincing info about their performance on the websites. You need to be very careful if you are going to choose an online service, only when you’ve studied all the possible cases to correspond your needs. Offline wallets are the best option. Don’t forget to backup your wallet. It will help you to protect your devise from computer failures.

How much time is needed for Bitcoin transaction?

Your Bitcoin transaction can be completed on average in 10 minutes. In some cases, the time can be different as it depends on various factors. The special mining processes are to be involved to verify the Bitcoin transaction. If your transaction is not confirmed, it means it has not been included into a block. In other words, it is not completed. Keep waiting and watch the status. You should also be aware of the following thing. When you have confirmed Bitcoin transactions, you can’t cancel it. They are irreversible.


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