Best cryptocurrency mining programs

September 19, 2021

Cryptocurrency mining is the way to obtain crypto coins. In order to do this, you will require to purchase mining equipment. But that’s not enough – you will also need to setup special mining software.

  • What software is required for mining?
  • How to choose mining software?
  • Best software for cryptocurrency mining
  • Conclusion

What software is required for mining?

Most cryptocurrencies are built using blockchain technology that allows generating new coins by adding new blocks to the chain. This process is called “mining”. This is done by solving complex mathematical problems, which is impossible without powerful hardware and the right software.

Different cryptocurrencies are mined using different mining equipment, either CPUs, GPUs, FPGA or ASIC. Each type of cryptocurrency and mining equipment requires specific software compatible with the selected mining algorithm.

Today mining software can be:

  • GPU-specific
  • CPU-specific
  • All-purpose software adjustable to any mining algorithm and equipment.

If you choose and setup the mining software correctly, it will make your mining more convenient and allow you to control the mining process by managing your mining equipment, adjusting power levels and even switching to different types of coins on the go.

Choosing the right software is one of two key factors for effective cryptocurrency mining. You need to make sure that it matches the power capacity of your equipment and allows controlling its physical parameters during the mining process such as noise and heat levels.

How to choose mining software?

The first thing to note is power compatibility. Check the technical specifications of your hardware to see how much power it can produce and make sure that your software’s abilities match with it. Otherwise you will not be able to utilize the complete resources of your equipment, which means wasted money.

Ideally you need to choose the software that supports the following functionality:

  • Full compatibility with your equipment. Make sure that your software allows making the most from your hardware. Hardware accelerator is a very popular function;
  • Heat control. Functions that allow setting up critical heat levels for your hardware and monitoring its temperature are crucial. Without them you risk damaging your equipment with overheat;
  • Auto-switch between cryptocurrencies, mining pools and hardware. These are the functions that let you set up a number of rules that govern your mining process. With it you can choose what cryptocurrency to mine, what mining pool to join and what equipment to use. Some kinds of software also let you preset daily operation time, so you won’t need to operate anything manually. However, ideally there should be a convenient manual switcher to let you change your mining preferences at any time;
  • Remote control. This useful function gives you control over your mining process when you are away from your mining device;
  • Suitable interface. Some of the mining software has convenient graphic interface suitable for beginners. On the other hand, there are told that let you perform fine adjustments using a command line, which is a good option for advanced users.

Note that most mining programs are false targeted by antiviruses as malware. Remember to switch off your AV and firewall before installation.

Best software for cryptocurrency mining

There are many types of cryptocurrency mining software. Let’s take a look at 5 mining tools that you may find interesting.



This mining tool is one of the most popular ones among professional miners. Its popularity comes from CGMiner’s compatibility with all types of cryptocurrency protocols, operational systems and equipment. This software is built using the NeoScrypt protocol that increases its hashrate, which can lead to enhanced mining profitably.

CGMiner offers a wide range of settings including hardware acceleration option, cooler speed control, proxy settings, etc. However, it does not have a graphic interface, and all software operations are performed using the command line. The software does come with a detailed manual, but it still may be not suitable for beginners.



Claymore is an interesting mining software that includes a feature called “dual mining” that allows its users to mine several types of coins using the same equipment at the same time. In addition, it supports remote control, simultaneous use of AMD and Intel GPUs, multiple mining protocols and pool types, and much more. Claymore also offers increased hashrate and detailed mining statistics.

This software has two main disadvantages – it is fully console-based, which may be hard for beginners, and it is not free. The form of payment, however, is unconventional: Claymore uses your mining equipment for 2 minutes every hour to mine coins for the developers. This way you don’t pay anything directly, but the software uses your resources and energy for third-party mining.


MinerGate is one of the oldest and largest mining services in the web. It can be used to mine a wide range of cryptocurrencies and ir is compatible with most types of mining equipment. The interface is intuitive, simple and available in many languages, which makes it a perfect solution for beginners.

MinerGate features a smart mining function that automatically selects the most profitable coin for mining. This feature can be switched on and off at any time. Another useful feature is online mining that works via your browser and doesn’t require any software installation.



BFGMiner works with all operational systems and most types of mining equipment, including FPGA, which is rare. It doesn’t have any graphic interface, but operating BFGMiner is still easy. Its developers has programmed a number of hotkeys that can be used to set the software’s and mining’s parameters.

This mining software has many available settings including fine adjustment of the miner. It is also known for high productivity on powerful devices and low heating levels.



EthMiner is a specialized tool designed to mine Etherium and its forks based on the same Ethash algorithm. It was originally released to be used with NVIDIA cards, but with later updates it got adapted to some AMD models as well.

EthMiner works in a console mode and has no graphical interface.


Choosing the right mining software according to your specifics needs, mining strategy and equipment is crucial for succeeding in highly competitive cryptocurrency mining environment. Today there is a wide choice of mining software available for all miners ranging from cryptocurrency-specific solutions for professionals to all-purpose tools perfect for beginners.


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