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Polaris BIOS Editor version 1.7.5 is a program to adjust the timings in the bios to flash the graphics card. Used for any type of memory. Changes in timings are used to increase performance when mining cryptocurrencies.
You can download free Polaris BIOS Editor program and learn detailed instructions here:

There are also paid versions of the program in question - pro 3.0 and 3. There is no need to buy them because 1.6.х and 1.7.х versions are more simple and intended for newbies and they are quite easy to understand.
The advantages of the new PBE 1.7.5 compared to earlier 1.4 series programs:

It is considered universal. In other words, it is suitable for any type of memory. In cases where PBE is not supported by the hardware, it is necessary to upgrade the framework to the latest version.

If you have problems with 1.7.5, you should use PBE 1.6.7.

The product automatically adjusts timings according to the existing memory type of the hardware in use, so it is an indispensable helper for newbies. Even in those rare cases when the system can make a wrong choice (which happens very rarely), it is always possible to change the timings manually.

Updates in PBE 1.7.5:

  •     improved timing for some types of memory (hynix, elpida);
  •     interface is updated;
  •     rx 590 support is implemented.

Updates in PBE 1.6.7:

  •     updated timings for micron memory are used;
  •     updated versions were checked online;
  •     new devices added.

How to use PBE

To start using the program is quite simple: you need to download it, unzip it, give the address to store the program and run the file.

You need to click Open Bios at the top left side of the computer. The firmware will open - this is where the timings are reflected.

To understand how to properly set the timings in automatic or manual mode, you can watch the following video.

To configure the parameters after opening the firmware, you need to perform two actions:

  •     press One click timing patch - the timings will be automatically edited;
  •     click Save as - the firmware is saved.

The suggested PBE versions for downloading in this article are from the official source and are completely safe for your PC.

To change the voltage you need to use the gpu and memory settings. But for the newbies who don't know what they are dealing with, it is better not to use these settings.

Target temperature - the temperature mode, regulated by increasing the cooler power or lowering its frequencies, which in practice is much less common.

Power control limit - used in those cases where there is no desire to use an afterburner. It is identical to the Power limit and must be handled according to the same principle.

If it is necessary to turn on the fan, you must use the settings in the fan column. If during idle time the fan does not work at all, it is necessary to make changes in Min pwm, changing the values to positive.


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